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First 'Pitch': Not Exactly Ad For Real-Life 'Mad' Folk?

AMC's "The Pitch," the reality show featuring two agencies slugging it out for an account, premiered last night right after "Mad Men""s fictional version of ad world shenanigans. So does it present modern-day advertising in a flattering light?  Not according to the New York Times' absolutely "scathing" review (that adjective comes via Ad Age's Rupal Parekh), which begins: "Do you enjoy being manipulated? Of course not. So why would you enjoy watching people as they make plans to manipulate you?"

Ouch. So far, that's the only consumer media review we've seen -- last night's episode was billed as a "special preview," and regular episodes begin airing April 30, so a few more reviews should be coming.

Meanwhile, ad folks' comments on "The Pitch" in an Ad Age post are also negative.



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