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Hollywood Agents Turning To YouTube Talent

As YouTube begins to compete more and more with the Boob Tube (yes, youngsters, this was once a nickname for TV),  its talent is being solicited by Hollywood agents.

"Why not? The popularity of some YouTube performers and their 'channels' dwarfs many TV shows, and their videos have been seen more than a billion times," writes Jefferson Graham.

"It's a seismic shift," according to one agent who represented the likes of Roseanne Barr at the "height" of her career.

Graham gives examples of how YouTube is upping the bar to become more like traditional TV -- like investing $100 milion to develop assorted "channels" -- and also names some "homegrown" talent already moving to more lucrative venues. For example Michelle Phan, "who did how-to-apply-makeup videos in her Florida bedroom," has now become a Lancôme spokeswoman, thanks to her new agent. 



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