Let's Play The Feud!

Next week, at theSearch Insider Summit, in addition to my day job as resident buzz-tracker, I’ll be donning a polyester suit and hosting the first-ever game of Search Insider Feud.


Design and spray tan by Michael Seiders, Esq.

After my Ode to Siri two weeks ago, it should come as no surprise that the topic of my session will be voice search. And, after debuting Search Engine Idol at the Winter 2009 SIS and seeing the winner get bought by eBay for $75 million less than a year later, it should come as no surprise that I’m returning to the game show format. (Ain’t no way I’m battling the SEO Rapper again! Although challenging hologram Tupac did cross my mind.)



So who will be “discovered” this time around? And what epic fail will have us buzzing?

Here’s how we’re billing it:

Join us for a Search Insider spin on the classic “Family Feud”  game show. Our moderator will channel Richard Dawson and lead contestants through three rounds of questions and answers based on actual survey results. Through this innovative format, we will address whether voice search will lead to the end of keywords and how search marketers market in a keyword-less world, and more. Not many can argue the smaller screens and audio inputs make voice a more intuitive and efficient way to navigate through apps and searches. How will voice search and the new crop of digital assistants like Siri and Evi change search marketing, and become imperatives for marketers seeking brand integration with the mobile experience?

Our “contestants” will be split into two teams:

Team 1: Agency Anarchy

Alan Osetek, President, Resolution Media
Stephanie Ridley, SVP, Search Director, Starcom MediaVest Group
David Rifkin, Vice President of Search, Atrinsic

Team 2: Misc. Mayhem

Craig Macdonald, Senior Director, Microsoft Advertising
Jen Brady, Founder & CEO, Fred & Associates
Ryan Bruss, Manager, Search Engine Marketing, All Star Directories

To populate the “board,” I’ve created a 20-question survey for search marketers covering everything from preferred formats to devices to voiceovers. Still closing in on the 100 respondents needed, so feel free to take the survey for yourself and make your “voice” heard.

True to form, we’ll start each round of Search Insider Feud with a “toss-up” and give the person who guesses the most popular answer a chance to have his/her team play or pass. From there, we’ll go down the line, asking each team member to round out the top-five responses. After three “strikes,” the other team will have a chance to steal -- and, after three rounds, the team with the highest point total will get to play the “Fast Money” bonus round where anything can happen. I just hope I can hold it together!

The theme for Day 1 of SIS is “How Voice, Touch, Gesture and Mobile Will Influence Search Engine Marketing” and my session is part of a rich agenda exploring this heady, er… body topic. Michael Liard, director of automatic identification business practice at VDC Research, will be speaking about near-field communication. And Jeff Bander, president North America and general manager at EyeTrackShop, will present on gesture and eye tracking.  Finally, Chacka Marketing co-founder Janel Laravie will be moderating a panel about “Search and the Multiscreen/Input Experience.”

Day 2 in Captiva will have us “Swimming in Privacy, Data and Analytics” and Day 3 should be a plus with “Search+ Display, Social, and Video.” Our MC, Chris Copeland (aka SearchBoss and now known simply as C2Next) will C 2 it that all 3 days are filled with fresh insights and a healthy dose of sarcasm.

Survey says it’s going to be grrrr8!

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