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YouTube Refreshes Audio Editing Tools

YouTube has never used its top-dog status as reason to stop refining and improving its video sharing services. In its effort to attract more skilled content creators, for example, the video hub has gone and refreshed its Audio Editing tools. Along with an updated user interface, YouTube has fleshed out its library of songs to include more than 150,000 tracks, which users can now mix into their videos at levels ranging from “soft background” to “completely replace.”

Meanwhile, a new “featured tracks” tool helps users find the best songs across genres for a variety of moods. “One of the handiest YouTube features is the ability to add music to your video with its Audio Editing tool,” The Next Web’s Drew Olanoff writes. “The service continues to draw top-notch talent to the platform as well, and continues to add more features for content creators.” As for the record labels supplying many of the available tracks, Olanoff surmises that they’re willing participation is most likely a result of the fact that video viewers are directed to a place where they can buy featured songs.

Alas, as Olanoff adds: “I still find that the audio for most YouTube videos suck pretty hard, which isn’t YouTube’s fault, so hopefully the service will add more robust audio editing features to cancel out unnecessary noise.”




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