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Evernote Nears 30 Mil Members

Note-taking and digital archiving Evernote is fast approaching 30 million registered users, according to its CEO Phil Libin. “Last number we heard was 20 million in December 2011, so things are obviously moving fast for Evernote,” notes The Next Web. As Libin tells NTW, however, racking up users isn’t the startup’s end goal. To be truly successful, Evernote has to convince users to actually spend time with the app. (Currently, Libin says 40% of long-term members -- i.e. people that signed up for Evernote when it launched four years ago -- still use the service today.)

Evernote will also have to generate some revenue at some point, which it plans to do by upselling a paid service. Remarkably, Libin says that more than 25% of users already pay to use a premium Evernote. That said, “It’s more important for an Evernote user to stay than it is to pay,” Libin tells TNW. 

Last year, Evernote picked up popular Mac desktop app Skitch for an undisclosed sum. What did Libin have to say about the widely rumored $100 million financing round, which would value Evernote a $1 billion? Nothing -- at least for the time being. 




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