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Study:More Than Half Of Radio Listeners Begin Day With Another Medium

It's probably not surprising, but stats from Jacobs Media Techsurvey8 show how traditional radio has evolved: almost 6 in 10 (57%) respondents (a self-selected pool, since it was made up of almost 60,000 listeners to broadcast radio stations, polled online) said they begin their day with a medium or gadget other than radio. The younger demo (18 to 34) is more likely to turn to email or Facebook; the sports-radio demo is the biggest user of Twitter.

Further showing how technology has changed radio, almost 4 in 10 stream Internet radio weekly, while almost half (45%) of respondents listen to Pandora. "Interestingly, 49% of Pandora users said they don't consider the service 'radio' -- a classification that apprently hasn't stopped them from using Pandora," writes Michael Schmitt.

"Among so much competition, why does AM/FM remain important in consumers' lives?" asks Schmitt. "According to respondents: 'Favorite songs,' local personalities, easy access to a radio at work, radio's mood-lifting abilities, a feeling of companionship and an 'escape' from everyday life."



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