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Google Play (Quietly) Surpasses 15B Downloads

When is Google Play (formerly known as the Android Market) going to surpass 15 billion app downloads? Oh, right, that happened “a few weeks ago,” Google tells TechCrunch. “Way to blow your own horn, Google.” In January, as part of its fourth quarter 2011 earnings announcement, Google said its app marketplace had seen more than 11 billion downloads. In April, meanwhile, when Google reported its first quarter 2012 earnings, it didn’t mention downloads on Google Play. By contrast, Apple reached 15 billion app downloads in July 2011, and the most recent number for Apple is 25 billion downloads in March 2012.

“Doing the basic math, that roughly means that Google is seeing about 1 billion downloads of Android apps per month, while Apple is seeing about 1.25 billion app downloads per month,” TechCrunch calculates. “So there is still a gap in aggregated downloads between the two platforms, despite that fact that Google has nearly caught up with Apple in terms of total number of apps: Currently Google Play has some 500,000 apps, while Apple has 600,000 apps in its app store.”



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