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News Corp.: TV Everywhere Makes Up for Ballooning Cable Costs

During News Corp.’s Q1 2012 earnings call, Deputy Chairman and COO Chase Carey suggested that TV Everywhere Web sites and mobile applications would help temper consumer ire with ballooning cable TV and satellite subscription package costs.

"The customers [would] always rather pay less,” Carey said. “I think one of our challenges is to make sure we continue to make that experience better by enriching this.” He added that programmers and distributors alike could continue to benefit from their existing relationship by allowing subscribers to access their content on any device.

"This is a good business model for both [programmers and distributors]," said Carey, who was formerly CEO of DirecTV. "I do think TV Everywhere is the primary initiative through which we would try and address it by again adding value to it as the cost goes up," he added.

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