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Report: Xbox Beats Apple Devices in Video Views; Mid Rolls Gain Traction

A new report from video technology provider FreeWheel not only corroborates Microsoft’s claims that video viewing is ramping up considerably on its Xbox 360, but also shows that video consumption on the game console has eclipsed Apple’s iPad and iPhone. According to the report, which measured the consumption of professional video content only (i.e., with ads attached to it), the Xbox received 28 percent of all non-PC/Mac video viewing in the U.S. in Q1, compared to 27 percent for the iPad and 19 percent for the iPhone and 15 percent for Android devices.

The report also found that the pre-roll -- long considered the standard for video advertising -- is actually losing traction to the mid-roll, particularly as people consume more long-form video content on various devices. FreeWheel said that mid-rolls now account for nearly a quarter of all video ad views -- up 115 percent year-over-year, compared to 45 percent growth for pre-rolls. 



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