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ComScore Report Shows Online Video Complements Other Ad Spending

ComScore this week released a report on cross media advertising that shows what online video brings to the effectiveness of a given marketing campaign.

Among the key findings highlighted in the report:

* The online video audience has reached a point of near saturation at approximately 180 million monthly unique viewers, but average engagement levels are rising as it continues to play a more prominent role in the online experience.

* Adding a digital video component to a TV media plan can increase the effective reach of the campaign in a very efficient manner.

* Digital video ad formats are just as effective as TV ads. But TV and digital video have a synergistic effect when used together, making this media mix more effective than either one on its own.

* Multi-Screen consumers are a fast-growing segment and need to be marketed to on multiple screens in order for campaigns to achieve optimal reach and frequency levels.

* Younger age segments are generally more receptive to digital advertising than TV, highlighting the importance of incorporating digital video into the media buying and planning process.

ComScore is offering a complimentary download of the report on their site which you can find here

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