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Apple Distances Itself From Google

With its latest suit of software features, it’s unlikely that Apple has a single motive in mind. Yet, that didn’t keep The Wall Street Journal from reading into the various mobile and computer enhancements. Taken together, the effort underscores how Apple is trying to distance itself from Google, WSJ argues.

Among other developments, Apple has struck a “long-negotiated deal” with Google rival Facebook to integrate various services. “In several places during the nearly two-hour keynote, Scott Forstall, Apple's senior vice president for iOS software, referred to areas where the mobile software called iOS outperformed Google's Android software, such as user satisfaction.” According to Forstall, more than 75% of Apple’s customers checked the top box, “very satisfied,” compared to less than 50% for the competition, i.e. Google’s Android mobile operating system.

Even Siri got in on the Google-bashing, WSJ reports. “Among her first jokes was a jab at Android's different version names, which are desserts.” Said Siri: "Hey, any of you guys been working with Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean? Who's been making up these code names, Ben and Jerry?"

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