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DirectTV Has Ad-Skipping Tool, Won't Use it (Yet)

  • Reuters, Tuesday, June 12, 2012 3:51 PM

Satellite operator DirecTV, like its rival Dish Network, has ad-skipping technology available -- but, unlike the latter (now being sued by the networks) probably won't use it -- at least for now. "It's not clear to me there's a raging demand from consumers for it," Mike White, chief executive of DirecTV, said at the Reuters Global Media and Technology Summit.

However, "White said his company will keep an eye on the outcome of the legal action between the companies as well as consumer adoption of the technology," write Liana B. Baker and Yinka Adegoke.

White also said a merger between DirectTv and Dish "would make sense," even though it would probably face some regulatory hurdles, same as when it was attempted 10 years ago.



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