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Web Biggies Back "Bad Ad" Crackdown

Partly out of fear of government regulation, Web giants are rallying behind a nonprofit campaign that aims to crack down on “bad ads,” malware and other schemes that exploit the trust of online consumers. Google, Twitter, Facebook, and AOL are among those supporting the Ads Integrity Alliance, which will will work to educate, tackle and promote awareness of issues in the Internet advertising space.

“The alliance members have pledged to pool their collective talents, share best practices and formulate policy recommendations to tackle problems,” The Next Web reports. “The initial five will share information about trends and ‘bad actors’ with each other and with/from everyday Web users.”

As part of the effort, data about “problem sites,” companies and trends is expected to be published regularly, while a community forum,, is already open to encourage Webmasters to communicate directly with security professionals and others that can provide valuable insight and advice. “StopBadware says that the campaign will maintain links with policy makers and law enforcement agencies in order to provide advice, intelligence and information to help keep the issue prevalent with authorities.”





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