Trojan, Team For Sex Series

Trojan-Condom-BAs its bold brand name suggests, Trojan has never been shy about marketing its condoms.
Bringing that approach online, Trojan Brand Condoms has partnered with to sponsor an open and frank video series about sex and sexual health.
“We’re providing an accessible space for people to receive the information they need to make informed decisions,” said Bruce Weiss, vice president of marketing for Trojan Sexual Health.
Existing videos address roughly 100 “real-user” questions, most of which deal with sex and safe-sex strategies.
The sexual health Q&A went live Monday on, and is aimed at providing factual answers from medical experts to the most frequently asked sexual health questions.
The Q&A platform allows users to engage directly with a panel of sexual health experts, including Dr. Logan Levkoff, Dr. Harry Fisch and Dr. Isabel Blumberg.
Competing for a share of the health information market, HealthGuru’s content library currently includes some 3,000 videos, which the company produced in-house.
Through syndication partnerships with various publisher partners, along with a strong presence on YouTube, Healthguru currently claims to reach nearly 10 million unique viewers -- who view over 50 million videos a month.
Financial terms of the partnership were not disclosed.

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