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Mayer's Yahoo Appointment An Open Debate

It’s been two days since Marissa Mayer shocked her peers with plans to leave Google for the top spot at Yahoo. Analyst and insider reaction, however, shows no signs of letting up.

Getting a lot of attention is an open letter from former Yahoo engineering manager Sririam Krishnan in which he offers up 10 “tactical” suggestions for Mayer. “Marc Andreessen thinks you need to fire over 10K people,” Krishnan writes, referring to the star venture capitalist. “He’s probably right. I would start with anyone with the title ‘Architect’ or ‘Program Manager’ in their title. HR is probably another good place to look, too.”

According to’s Megan Garber, “the Internet,” as she puts it, has but one request for Mayer: "Fix Flickr. Or, more specifically, MAKE FLICKR AWESOME AGAIN.”



Considering the news coverage surrounding Yahoo’s coup, Business Insider’s Nicholas Carlson suggests that there are two views of its new CEO.

“One is that she is a brand name product leader,” which, according to Carlson, is why Yahoo's board is so thrilled to have landed Mayer. “The other view, more common amongst longtime Googlers, is that Mayer is a publicity-craving, lucky early Googler, whose public persona outstripped her actual authority and power at the company, where she was once a rising star -- thanks to a bullying managerial style -- but had become marginalized over the past couple of years.”

Clearly on the same page as Yahoo’s board,’s Steven Levy writes: “Now [Mayer] will utilize her skills and exercise her decisiveness at Yahoo. The choice makes a lot of sense for both parties. If you were to tick off the ideal leader for Yahoo, you’d wind up with a description that sounds a lot like Mayer: highly technical, product-oriented, as Internet-savvy as anyone in the world, and charismatic enough to energize followers.”

For better or worse, “bringing in Marissa Mayer gets people’s attention,” David Hallerman, a principal analyst at eMarketer, tells The New York Times. “The sheer attention that they are getting because of hiring her will be helpful for a while. But it will only carry them so far.”


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  1. Henry Blaufox from Dragon360, July 18, 2012 at noon

    People who are negative about Marissa Mayer and the wisdom of this appointment should keep one thing in mind. If she is among the early members of the Google team, she probably doesn't need the money Yahoo is paying her to succeed. She probably doesn't have to work for a living at all.

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