Thanksgiving Wishes For Everyone

As many of you are most likely not reading this today, I wanted to take one moment to thank you all for your attention during the year and for reading our articles here in the Online Spin. I think I speak for all of us when I say that the Spin is a fun place for us to share our thoughts and ideas on our industry and receive critical feedback to help us evolve.

Our industry is continuing to show more upturn and growth as we move forward into Q4 and beyond into 2004. The job market is starting to look good for many of our companies; the clients are spending smarter, as well as more, and the opportunities for great work are limitless. In the last few months I've seen some very interesting and very fun executions of online media that appear to be effective at driving awareness as well as direct response metrics. I hope that in the coming months there will be more of this type of work and we will all continue to be excited.

The conferences this year have also shown a number of new faces as well as some of the old, familiar ones. It's great to know that the passionate people are still here.

So have a great Thanksgiving everyone and keep an eye out for our editorials in the next few weeks.




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