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Designer Puts Google Glasses On Catwalk

Oh, the crazy things they make models wear.

In a cross-promotional, buzz-building stunt, models walking in Diane von Furstenberg’s fall runway show wore Google Glass on Sunday, while the designer’s team has been testing the “smart glasses” for the last week. 

What are the critics saying?

“Google glasses look dumb enough that you might expect to get beaten up for wearing them,” according to Gizmodo. “But they've now made an appearance at New York Fashion Week and... they still look dorky, even on super models.”

“Honestly, everything at Fashion Week is so weird and heavily sponsored anyway that this doesn't seem that abnormal,” writes BuzzFeed. “And somehow, this feels like a natural next step for Google following, that puzzingly short-lived ecommerce foray (of which DVF and a bunch of other top industry members were a part).”



“Photos [of models wearing the glasses] don’t give me much hope for the stylishness of Google Glass, but I am very interested to see how the film turns out,” The Next Web writes regarding a documentary set to debut later this week. “It could revolutionize the way documentaries are made. Though, the revolution probably wouldn’t come cheap, since the developer costs $1,500 a pair.”

Outside of Furstenberg’s circle, what do fashion types think of Google Glass? In a word, “silly,” writes New York Magazine.

 “Whether or not New York Fashion Week interests you, the relative ease of capturing an event from the first person … is an exciting proposition,” The Verge reasons.

“This is the first time that I know off that the Google Glass has been widely used by those outside of Google,” notes Danny Sullivan in Marketing Land.


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