Judge Allows Anti-Muslim Film To Remain On YouTube

  • September 21, 2012

A judge in Los Angeles on Thursday rejected actress Cindy Lee Garcia's request for an injunction ordering YouTube to remove clips of the anti-Muslim film “Innocence of Muslims.” 

Judge Luis Lavin reportedly said that Garcia wasn't likely to prevail against the video-sharing site. Lavin referred to a federal law immunizing sites from liability for material uploaded by users (except for material that infringes intellectual property), according to press reports.

Garcia says in her lawsuit that she has received death threats since the film was posted to YouTube. She also says she no longer babysits her grandchildren, and that she lost her job due to security concerns. Online clips from the film recently triggered a wave of protests in the Middle East, including a deadly attack on the American consulate in Libya.



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  1. John Casey from Carmichael Industries, September 21, 2012 at 1:09 p.m.

    The intentional spin that the video is the cause is quite ridiculous. Somehow, it's been easy and convenient to forget this started and was coordinated on 9/11...9/11. Being "offended" never warrants murders, rapes, and other violent acts. Moreover, perpetuating this video excuse affirms the disgusting response. It was and continues to be an act of terrorism planned for the 11th anniversary of 9/11. Please stop citing the video as the reason, it's simply spin and has been easily refuted in multiple articles outlining the planning of the deplorable attacks.

    Freedom of speech most importantly includes unpopular and "offensive" speech. Otherwise, it ceases being free speech and becomes moderated/controlled speech. Political Correctness has already lead to the squelching of alternate and valid opinions for fear of blacklisting, smears, and now apparently rape and murder; let's not help it along.

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