LA Welcomes Creative Agency Quantasy

Quantasy, a Los Angeles-based creative services agency, officially launches today. Quantasy had a soft launch late last year and has been working on smaller projects in preparation. “We’re finally launching the company more publicly,” Quantasy’s CEO Will Campbell tells MAD LA. “We’ve been in the boiler room building up for this.”

Campbell, a 10-year industry veteran with expertise in user-brand interactions, co-founded the company with Danilo Roque. Quantasy hopes to stand out among other agencies at a time when the media landscape is drastically changing.

“Our focus is about the convergence of advertising, entertainment, tech and culture.” Campbell says. “Our goal is to create brand experiences that occur at the intersection of that convergence.”



Campbell said that Quantasy’s main goal is finding something that is relevant to the audience and speaks to their values in order to make more holistic connections between brands and consumers.

Campbell says the company will flesh out all creative ideas prior to launching any sort of branded campaign, taking into account every possible medium and deciding what will work best for each individual brand. He says that more traditional models of branding struggle with taking advantage of the many branding opportunities available today. 

“The biggest thing, at the end of the day, it may not be an ad campaign that launches for the brand to connect with their audience,” says Campbell. “It might be a new product. It might be an app. It might be a branded entertainment series that serves as entertainment for the audience, but at the same time [allows the audience to get] the brand message and values, and develop an affinity for the brand.”

Campbell says Quantasy didn’t choose to to be headquartered in Los Angeles for just one reason. “Being in L.A. does provide a great set of access and resources and opportunities," he said. "We are an hour away from Silicon Valley by flight; there is the emergence of Silicon Beach; and we are right in the middle of Hollywood. Where we are located geographically brings a lot of great resources and access for us.”

The company currently has 12 employees, and Campbell says it is still looking for talent.

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