LA County Looking To Replace Some Old Billboards With Digital

The city council in Santa Clarita, Los Angeles County, has approved an agreement with Edwards Outdoor Advertising to remove 47 of its billboard structures around the city -- including 22 located along Interstate 5 -- in favor of three large electronic billboards in Santa Clarita. Residents are not too happy with the decision, however, and have gathered more than 16,000 signatures in opposition of the plan.

Voters will have a chance on Nov. 4 to vote for or against the following: "Shall Ordinance 14-02 adopting a development agreement with (Metro) for the removal of 62 advertising structures, within the city, by Metro or any other means, and construction and operation of three digital billboards, adjacent to the Interstate 5 and State Route 14 freeways, and the dedication to the city of revenue received from digital billboards, which creates an ongoing revenue stream, be adopted?”

City officials will launch a Web site in the next few weeks to list frequently asked questions, calendar section, forms documents and other information related to the billboard ballot measure, reports, a local media outlet, citing Armine Chaparyan, interim city clerk.



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