CallFire To Seed Fund Dreams

CallFire will soon roll out the Spark My Mission campaign to support entrepreneurs looking for help to fund initiatives. Entries are open to all, from small business owners to independent contractors, as long as they meet certain criteria. The winner receives seed money to fulfill a dream that starts with a vision.

The project starts by awarding $5,000 to one lucky entrepreneur. Social media campaigns and a dedicated Web site will fuel CallFire's project, starting by marketing to the more than 200,000 businesses using the company's services, per Barbara Palmer, chief revenue officer at CallFire.

One submission per person for U.S. residents will be allowed, age 18 or older only. Judges will choose 10 finalists to create and post videos detailing their cause. Community members will vote on the 10 finalists.



Submissions through a forthcoming Web site will require participants to answer several qualifying questions that explain their passion for the cause. It will need to show leadership and inspire other to follow their dreams. Accepted projects will range from building a playground to climbing Mount Everest to raise funds for charity.

A call to climb Mount Everest in 2014 that ended in heartbreak for Kuntal Joisher after an avalanche claimed several lives sparked the campaign. The employee of Santa Monica, Calif.-based CallFire aimed to climb the summit in honor of his father to raise awareness of Lewy Body Dementia, the second most common form of dementia after Alzheimers. Through the campaign, CallFire will enable Joisher and others like him to fulfill their dream.

Once finalists are chosen, people can vote for a finalist by texting in a keyword assigned to that finalist, as well as promoting their voted candidate on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Finalists will provide a brief summary of their mission in 95 characters or less, a reason why CallFire should 'spark' their mission by awarding them the prize, and more.

Judges will base their decision on the entrant's passion for the mission, creativity, persuasiveness, feasibility, and more. All will receive points. Each criterion will receive points. Finalist must receive a score of 50 points.

Long-term, CallFire plans to handout monthly grants to kick-start projects. The company also could hire a full-time employee to manage the project.

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