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MySpace Rebuilds Social Network

Like an old flame ready to rekindle the magic, MySpace just revealed a video that teases the future of the once-reigning social network. “According to the company, the fan and entertainment-focused service is being rebuilt ‘entirely from scratch,’” The Next Web reports.

“If anything could benefit from a massive overhaul, it’s beleaguered social network Myspace,” writes WebProNews.

“It’s been four years since MySpace has been relevant as a social network,” Marketing Land reminds us. “Despite the mass community exodus to other social networks, the new Justin Timberlake-led ownership team is still attempting to revive it.”

“Fifteen months after its acquisition by Specific Media, we’re finally getting a sneak peek at the new MySpace,” writes Mashable. “The interface looks clean and attractive -- but obviously we’ll have to wait for the beta launch to understand more about how this works.”

“The new Myspace prominently features Twitter and Facebook connect buttons, so it’s not going to try to compete on identity,” ReadWriteWeb suggests. “Rather, it’s a more fully featured media-sharing site, retaining its focus on music with a built-in player.”

Still, “the odds of MySpace coming back from the dead … to regain its past glory are very long,” according to CNet. “For starters, can you think of a single Internet titan that saw its influence collapse and then make a significant comeback? I didn't think so.”

Writes Engadget: “Like most of the tech media we're understandably skeptical of any attempt to relaunch the flagging social service, but after getting a peak at the redesign we've gotta say we're rooting for it.”

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