Cellphones More Popular With College Women

Cellphones More Popular With College Women

According to the 360 Youth College Explorer study, based on a survey conducted by Harris Interactive , nearly all US college students are online, and 65% are making broadband connections.

While 91% of students have PCs and 84% own televisions, differences exist between male and female students and the technology they own. More female college students own cellphones, calculators and answering machines than male students. On the other hand, more male students own portable video game players and MP3 players.

Consumer Electronics Owned by US College Students (% of respondents)

Answering Machine5040
Digital camera3235
Portable video game system2227
MPS player1222

Source: Harris Interactive, March 2004

The survey determined that college students are four times more likely than the general online population in the US to download music online. In particular, 8% of male college students download daily while 5% of female students say the same. Using IM is an activity four out of ten college students are likely to do on a daily basis.

An Ipsos Public Affairs report shows that a vast majority of students go online for personal reasons, whereas 24% are online for school. Furthermore, only 3% are online for work purposes.

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