Don't Be A Victim Of Holiday Hype

We often hear of consumers falling into “holiday hype traps,” but what about your business? It is easy for companies to get busy decking the halls and putting their marketing-to-mom strategies on hold for the season. But, successful marketing-to-mom strategies do not take a break during the holidays, and successful companies need to make sure that connecting with Mom stays top of mind even when our heads are filled with the excitement of seasonal promotions and activities. Here are things to keep in mind this holiday season:

Moms are multi-minded—they like to accomplish many tasks at one time

During this time of year, Mom’s schedule is more packed than usual, and anything you can do to take things off of that “to do” list will be greatly appreciated. Do so by offering services such as gift wrapping or shipping. Even if you are not in retail, consider partnering with a local company to offer dry cleaning drop-off/pick-up or even take-out dinners she can grab as she leaves.



Make it easy to do business with you

Offer extended hours (early morning wins in addition to late night) and take a look at your website. Even if you don’t offer online shopping, your website is one of the first places consumers will go for additional information. Can Mom find your business hours and contact information within one click? 

Authenticity is key—Mom does not like to feel as if she has been duped

Make sure you are clear about your holiday offers—especially if they include additional fees or expiration dates. Layaway programs and free shipping are great opportunities to connect with Mom, but if those services include an extra cost or are only available during specific dates, make sure that messaging is clear in your advertising and marketing.

Moms like to make an impact—especially during the holidays

One of the biggest stresses of holiday shopping is the amount of money Mom has to spend. Give her an opportunity to feel good personally while she is shopping—allow donations to be made instantly at checkout or for everything she buys, give something back to those in need.

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