Place-Based Video: Inwindow Outdoor, Purina Beneful, "Play. It's Good For You"

  • by , December 28, 2012

PurinaIn an effort to promote Beneful brand dog food while at the same time encouraging “Play,” Inwindow Outdoor, in collaboration with Fallon and Zenith, created virtual dog runs at high traffic locations in five major cities with the centerpiece being a 64-foot digital wall running the length of a corridor in New York City’s Columbus Circle subway station. Equipped with 3D cameras, gesture recognition and laser tracking technology, the digital wall enabled passersby to stop and play with computer generated dogs in a virtual dog park. Each dog was generated with a robust artificial intelligence that allowed them to express a variety of emotions while being playful. They responded in lifelike ways such as pawing at the screen, rolling in the grass and engaging in other behaviors to encourage the user to interact, and even “customize” their dog by choosing color, size, snout, tail and fur pattern, and then paying with them in a virtual game of fetch. During the one month campaign, the display registered more than 532,000 views at the New York location alone, with 10,443 dogs customized and 76,731 balls thrown. 

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