Happy & Healthy New Year: What Mom Wants in Her Healthcare Relationships

In addition to being CEO of the household, Mom is also CHO—Chief Healthcare Officer. Mom is often the gatekeeper to family health and, during this time of year, when we are already seeing a record number of flu strains and other illnesses, the CHO is working overtime. 

What is the CHO looking for when it comes to healthcare professionals and brands? Here are some ideas on what Mom wants from her healthcare relationships:

Flexibility: Being a mom is not a 9-5 job, especially when it comes to managing her family’s health--the fever always seems to hit at 5 a.m. or the last cough drop is consumed at 11 p.m. Moms are drawn to brands that understand this parenting dilemma and offer options such as extended office hours (either early morning or late evening), same-day appointments and 24-hour pharmacies or drug stores.

Relationships Rule: While building relationships is a key part of all marketing to mom outreach, when it comes to healthcare, relationships are vital. Moms want healthcare professionals who are authentic and honest and caring and empathetic. In essence, they want it all and are more than willing to find a new doctor, pharmacy or healthcare facility if they feel their needs are truly not being met. 



Embrace Technology: Moms head to the web for their healthcare information so make sure your website is representative of your practice and patients can easily find answers to their most common questions (e.g., What are your hours?). Become a true resource for moms by addressing common healthcare concerns via a blog or social media network and if, applicable, use technology to communicate with Mom via email or smartphone. 

Consider the Caregiver: It is important to always think of the patient’s needs first, but don’t forget about the caregiver—especially if that caregiver is Mom. Be respectful of her time by calling or texting should you be running late or offer to send in prescriptions electronically so she can pick them up on her way home. Also, encourage “Mom the Caregiver” to not neglect “Mom the Patient.” A healthy Mom is the very best step towards a healthy family.

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  1. Kelley Connors from KC Healthcare Communications LLC, January 11, 2013 at 9:58 a.m.

    Glad to see healthcare noted as one of my moms biggest priorities! Indeed, Moms are the Chief Health Officers for both products and services that improve her family's health and speak WITH her in a way that is empathic and respectful while not being patronizing. Also, there are more Dads these days that are stay-at-home caretakers while mom is off at work...a new dynamic to be explored and acknowledged. Would love key insights in this area and how Dad fits in to healthcare decision making!

  2. Patti Minglin from Go Girl Communications, January 11, 2013 at 10:43 a.m.

    I'm so glad you mentioned Dads, Kelley! You are absolutely right--they are continuing to play a larger role in all family and household purchasing decisions and that will hold true for the healthcare category as well. Would love to see future healthcare studies include Dads in their findings--may be some interesting nuggets that would really enhance overall healthcare marketing for families.

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