Cross-Channel Culture of Accountability Gives "One True View"

On the "One True View: Leveraging Data to Embrace The Customer Experience" panel at today's OMMA DDM, Shaina Boone, VP, Marketing Science of Critical Mass, Shaina Boone said that the key to giving the customer the 360-degree view is to have cross-channel accountability. Boone said that there are three main marketer cultures: Advertising, research, and accountability.

Boone says that the culture of accountability is what can come closest to giving the customer the elusive "one true view."

"The culture of advertising has often lacked accountability," said Boone. She says that planners are strategy are really driving a lot in the culture of research, but "not quite as much on the quant side."

In additon to a culture of accountability, Boone says, "The next lair on top of that is that you need to have cross-channel accountability. If it's a single-channel silo, you're never going to get to the 360 customer view if you don't care about the customer in their whole journey."

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