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Google Bolsters Email Security Defenses Against Hackers, Spammers

  • eWeek, Thursday, February 21, 2013 5:24 PM

Google has taken to its Google Official Blog to inform its users what the company is doing to combat spam directed at Gmail accounts. The company claims that less than 1% of spam emails make it to Gmail inboxes because of the specialized anti-spam tools it uses. It has also adjusted its spam tactics to counter the increase in messages from compromised accounts, starting with an assessment of the threat level of account logins. "Every time you sign in to Google, whether via your Web browser once a month or an email program that checks for new mail every five minutes, our system performs a complex risk analysis to determine how likely it is that the sign-in really comes from you," wrote Google security engineer Mike Hearn on the blog. "In fact, there are more than 120 variables that can factor into how a decision is made."



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