• Apple Blasts Emails For iPhone XR To Owners Of Older Models
    Apple is marketing the iPhone XR with customized emails to owners of older model. One, to iPhone 6 Plus users, offers a $200 trade-in offer.  
  • What Consumers Expect Of Personalization: A Statistical Review
    Customers expect brands to know who they are, but not necessarily to make personalized offers, studies show. And European consumers have lower expectations for all kinds of personalization. David Raab has collected statistics from a welter of surveys on the subject. 
  • Salesforce On Track To Buy ClickSoftware For $1.5 Billion
    Salesforce.com is negotiating to purchase ClickSoftware, a U.S.-Israeli firm, for roughly $1.5 billion. ClickSoftware was acquired by Francico Partners for $438 million in 2015. 
  • Email Marketing New Year's Resolutions
    It’s time to make some New Year’s resolutions for email marketing in 2019. Among them: Focus on the basics, re-evaluate your KPIs and focus on long-term relationships instead of short-term open rates. 
  • Gmail Fails To Work On iPad Pro, User Writes
    Gmail doesn’t work on the iPad Pro tablet, a user says. When dragging the Gmail icon from the dock, it takes over the whole screen and doesn’t allow split-screen views, he adds.
  • Firms Spend More On Martech Than Staff: Gartner
    Companies spend more on Martech than staff sales, a budget an average of 29% for martech and 24% for staff. 
  • Bluehost Hosting Platform Suffers From Flaws, Researcher Charges
    A researcher alleges that the Bluehost web-hosting platform contains “one-click client-side vulnerabilities.” The site lacks appropriate filters for determining which sites should be allowed to access what data, Paulos Yibelo charges. 
  • Plaintiffs In 50 States Sue Marriott Over Breach
    Marriott has been hit with suits by 176 plaintiffs from all 50 states over its recently revealed data breach. The suits are on file with a Maryland federal court. 
  • How To Calculate And Improve Subscription Churn Rates
    Churn rates are the most widely used metric for evaluating the success of subscription-based businesses. Here’s how they are calculated, and how they can be improved. 
  • Border Wall Supporter Builds 3.5 Million-Name Email List
    Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage, the man behind the GoFundMe campaign to finance a border wall, has collected 3.5 million email addresses. He appears to be positioned to use the email list for conservative fundraising. 
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