• Seven Useful -- And Free -- Gmail Tools
    Here are seven Gmail-enhancing automation tools that are useful and clever. And they’re all free. Did you know they’re available?  
  • How To Reach Wealthy Older Shoppers With Email
    Want to reach wealthy older consumers? Email is your best bet. This audience values personalized communications. Here are tips on how to make email work.  
  • New Phishing Campaign Promises IRS Tax Refund
    Phishing emails that say they’re from the IRS urge recipients to click on an attached document for their tax refund. Instead of a refund, they’re served the Amadey botnet, according to the security firm Cofense.
  • Silicon Valley Is Terrified Of CCPA
    The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) takes effect on Jan. 1. And it has Silicon Valley shaking in its boots. Here’s why that’s good. 
  • CLOUD Act Mandates Data Encryption
    Businesses have to contend not only with GDPR, but with the CLOUD act. Above all, they have to properly encrypt their data. But which approach is best? 
  • New Tool Finds Decline In Email Politeness
    Boomerang Insights is a new tool that will examine your Gmail history to analyze your tone and habits. It has found a marked decline in email politeness. 
  • Email Marketing Basics For Beginners
    Here’s a primer on email marketing for anyone new to the channel. Email can help businesses generate leads, improve brand awareness and increase revenue, it says. 
  • New Scam Uses Stolen Microsoft Logins
    A new phishing scam that mimics the standard Microsoft login template has been reported by MalwareHunterTeam. It utilizes the SmtpJS service to send stolen credentials via email.   
  • Beyond Personalization: The Next Step In Email
    Email, far from being a dinosaur, is still the most popular way to communicate. But it has to move beyond bland corporate speak and halfhearted efforts at personalization. Here’s how email will evolve. 
  • Eight Ways To Drive Up Your Holiday Email Conversions
    The holiday season will soon be here. Are you prepared to get the most out of your seasonal email? Here are eight conversion boosters for holiday email marketing. 
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