• What's Wrong With Email Personalization
    Consumers want personalization. But most marketers are not integrating the data they need to get to the expected level. Also, many are over-simplifying the process and are content with simply putting the recipient’s name in the subject line. 
  • California Privacy Law Could Be Basis For Federal Framework
    Numerous states have introduced privacy bills based on the California Consumer Privacy Act. But passage appears uncertain, and sources say the ideas should be incorporated into a federal privacy framework.  
  • Trump Campaign Sends Email Offering Plastic Straws
    The Trump campaign has sent out an email calling on supporters to reject “liberal paper straws,” and buy a pack of Trump-branded plastic straws. ““I’m so over paper straws, and I’m sure you are too,” writes  campaign manager Brad Parscale in the email. Much like most liberal ideas, paper straws don’t work and they fall apart instantly. That’s why we just launched our latest product – Official Trump Straws.”
  • Five Ways To Use AI In Email Marketing
    Artificial intelligence has many uses in email marketing. Here are five ways AI can improve your email performance, starting with send time and including the ability to conduct A/B tests. 
  • How To Conduct A Cart Abandonment Email
    Brands seeking to increase their ecommerce sales should send cart abandonment emails. Here is an infographic from Email Monks, addressing the elements of a cart abandonment campaign, from timing and frequency to the offer. 
  • How GDPR Affects Authentication: An Analysis
    GDPR has had a major impact on authentication practices. Andrew Shikiar, executive director of FIDO Alliance, offers tips on how brands can navigate these changes and remain in compliance.  
  • The Future Of Retail And Customer Email
    Email will be at the center of future AI-powered personalization in retail. This trend will be powered by companies that provide value, privacy and a framework for revoking that access.  
  • Upgrade Your Triggered Email Automation
    Automation allows you to send emails automatically based on triggers. Here are ways to make the best possible use of automation, from making subscription confirmation emails responsive to improving your cart abandonment email design. 
  • Outlook Upgrade Is Meant To Overtake Gmail
    Microsoft’s new Outlook upgrade is deigned to surpass frontrunner Gmail. Both email services offer similar features, including dark mode. Here is a look at how the rivalry is playing out. 
  • Amazon's Prime Day Special: $10 For Personal Data
    Amazon offered $10 to shoppers who handed over their data on Prime Day. That took the form of installing Amazon Assistant, a comparison-shopping tool.  
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