• Can Blockchain Technology Transform Society?
    Blockchain, a decentralized software system that made its debut with Bitcoin in 2008, has since developed into a ground-breaking technology.  Blockchain influencer Oliver Isaacs and Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin discuss its potential. 
  • 11 Opening Lines That Will Get People To Read Your Email
    It is easy to lose readers with the very first line of an email—with boilerplate language  and forced friendliness. Here is a listing of 11 effective opening lines—and lines to avoid. 
  • Using The LinkedIn Sales Navigator Outside of Gmail
    The LinkedIn Sales Navigator, formerly known as Rapportive, is designed for the sales professional. But it is more cluttered. Here is how to use it in Gmail and Google Chrome. 
  • Phishing Emails A Ticking Time Bomb
    Email is the backbone of business communications. But it is also the primary vector for cyber attacks. Here is why traditional email gateways no longer work to protect security. 
  • Cisco Offers Cloud-Based Security Products
    Cisco is offering three cloud-based tools to serve the managed security providers market: Cisco AMP for Endpoints, Cisco Umbrella and Meraki Systems Manager. This market is growing in response to increasing threats from data breaches and malware. 
  • How To Use Email To Boost Your Website Ranking
    Email may not have a direct connection with search engines. But you can leverage it to improve your website rankings. Here’s how.    
  • Facebook Notifications Amount To Spam: Wired
    Facebook is spamming people with emails and notifications alerting them to status updates and comments, Wired charges. The spamming even affects users who have signed up for two-factor authentication, it alleges. 
  • New Tools For Email Collaboration
    Enterprises are seeking email collaboration tools centered on teams instead of individuals. Here is a review of tools offered by firms are Front and Redkix.  
  • Retail Groups Ask For National Data Breach Law
    Eleven retail groups, including the National Retail Federation, have asked Congress to pass a uniform breach-notification law that will replace a patchwork of different state laws. Given the scale of the Equifax breach, the pressure is on Congress to act. 
  • The Top Email Challenges -- And How To Overcome Them
    One leading challenge for email marketers last year was growing their open rates, according to a client survey by 2 Global. But only 10% said the same about social media integration. Here are more stats — and tips on how to extend your email reach in 2018. 
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