• Statistics That Prove Email Marketing Is Far From Dead
    Email marketing is alive and well. Here is a roundup of statistics and comments that prove the medium is far from dead.  
  • Microsoft Expands Anti-Phishing Protections To Teams
    Microsoft has expanded the protections in Defender for Office 365 to Microsoft Teams. The goal is to protect users from malicious phishing attacks.
  • Study: Americans Favor Direct-to-Consumer Shipping Of Spirits
    Americans are widely in favor of direct-to-consumer shipping of spirits. A study by the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States found that 80% of consumers believe distillers should be able to ship to legal-age people in any state. 
  • BIMI Helps Both Brands And Consumers
    Logos help consumers evaluate how they react to commercial messages. BIMI makes it easier by presenting brand logos with authenticated emails. 
  • Automation Platform Sendlane Raises $20 Million In Funding
    Sendlane, a multichannel automation platform started in 2018, has raised $20 million in Series A funding. This brings the company’s total financing to $23 million.  
  • Three Ways To Boost Your B2B Email Newsletter
    B2B newsletters may draw less engagement than B2C. But they work. Here’s a guide to how B2B e-letters can nurture an audience and build brand awareness.  .
  • How AI Can Improve Your Lead Qualification And Email Marketing
    AI can help email marketers by helping them bypass tasks that take up time and keep teams from focusing on more important goals. Here is a guide for improving your lead qualification and email marketing processes with AI.  
  • A Guide To Email List Scrubbing -- And 10 Tools That Can Help
    Email lists need to be updated — that is, you have to scrub them to make them as accurate as possible. Here are 10 of the best email list scrubbing tools.   
  • DuckDuckGo Offers Tool For Stripping Email Trackers
    DuckDuckGo is offering a service that it says will help consumers thwart trackers. Now in beta, it’s a free forwarding tool. 
  • A New Way Of Looking At Email Opens
    Email marketers shouldn’t just look at their open rates to gauge success. Instead, they should analyze how they compare to those achieved in other competitive campaigns. Rochelle Williams offers this infographic. 
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