• How AI Can Help SMBs With Their Email Marketing
    AI has helped businesses drive added revenue to the tune of $14 trillion. So small businesses should begin taking advantage of it. Here’s how AI can help small brands with their email marketing strategy.
  • Work-At-Home Marketers Are Optimistic: Study
    Marketing processionals are thriving while working remote, according to research conducted by RingDNA. Of those surveyed, 62% have made targeting changes. And 75% feel optimistic about their future. 
  • Gmail and Google Suite Reported Down In India
    Gmail and Google Suite users in India have been hit with an hour-long outage. The company said it is working to fix the issue. Several people complained in social media. 
  • Tips For Starting An Email Reopening Campaign
    Retailers are starting to reopen. Getting shoppers back into your stores will take more than a one-off email. Instead, coax them in with an email reopening campaign that promises a whole new experience. Here are tips on how to do it. 
  • Google Warning: Old G Suite Apps Will Stop Working In August
    Google has warned that old G Suite apps will be shut down in August. The purpose is to improve performance and security. 
  • The COVID-19 Impact On Email Marketing
    Email marketing open rates have increased during the pandemic. Greg Zakowicz, a marketing strategist and content team lead with Omnisend, shares the details and recommends strategies going forward.
  • Blizzard Internet Marketing Is Acquired Again
    Beyond Pricing has acquired Blizzard Internet Marketing two years after was acquired by RedAwning. Beyond Pricing, which serves the short-term rental market, will integrate Blizzard’s suite of service into its channel management and analytics platform.  
  • Email Upgrades For Restaurants During The Pandemic
    Communication with restaurant customers is critical in this time of lockdowns. That’s where email comes in. Here is a list of email upgrades that can quickly drive value for restaurants. 
  • Tips For Aligning The B2B Buyer's Journey
    B2B marketers have for years tried to achieve the level of personalization common in B2C. But are they succeeding? Here is an analysis of how B2B marketers can align with the self-directed buyer journey. 
  • The Gmail-Windows 10 Bombshell: What It Means For Emailers
    A Google bombshell was reported last week. Microsoft’s Windows 10 is deleting emails in Gmail or sending them to the spam folder.
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