• Magento Expands Its Business Intelligence Suite
    Magento Business Intelligence has added new features to its BI software. These include new visualization options such as scatter plots, scatter plots with trends and bubble charts.
  • Will A Short Holiday Shopping Season Hurt Sales?
    The 2019 holiday shopping season has six less days than prior years. That could spell an opportunity for retailers. In short seasons, sales fall off gradually after the peak, compared to steep declines in longer periods.
  • Email Personalization For Retailers: A Guide
    Retailers are leaving money on the table when they fail to make full use of email personalization. Here are five ideas for building your business with personalized messages.  
  • Six Networking Email Subject Lines
    Sales reps often end networking emails to reach out to new people. But the subject line is critical — without it, the email won’t even be opened. Here are six networking email subject lines from top B2B startups.  
  • Twilio Shares Fall On News Of WhatsApp Pullback
    Twilio shares fell on Tuesday after a report that WhatApp, a client that accounts for 7% of its revenue, was puling back. That firm has turned to other vendors.  
  • Why Customers Don't Open Your Emails
    Brands often fall short of persuading customers to open their emails. Eight members of the Young Entrepreneur Council discuss factors that might prevent engagement. 
  • Consumers Who Lost Service Urged To Refresh The Yahoo Mail Website
    Consumers affected by Yahoo Mail’s recent power outages should wait until the issue is resolved. But it helps to refresh the Yahoo Mail website, according to an analysis.  
  • Avoid These Deliverability Mistakes During the Holidays
    The holidays are here—time for marketers to widen their nets. But high email volumes can lead to poor deliverability when going inactive contacts, if not handled correctly. Here are the deliverability mistakes to avoid during the festive season.   
  • TalkTalk Out In UK Earlier On Tuesday
    TalkTalk internet service was down in the UK, but the company says it has been restored. The outage mostly hit the north, but also drew complaint in London, Oxford and Southampton, according to downdetector.
  • 33 Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing
    Many email marketers could use a refresher course on how to improve their strategy. Here’s an infographic with 33 actionable tips from sources like aWeber, Forbes and Constant Contact. 
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