• British Firms Hit With Growing Email Fraud Attacks: Study
    Email fraud attacks rose by 103% from 2017 to 2018, according to research by Proofpoint. UK businesses received an average of 36 malicious emails during Q1, but U.S. firms received the highest overall volume of fraudulent email, and those in the Netherlands the lowest.  
  • How the GDPR Will Affect Digital Marketing
    The GDPR is going to change the way companies market. One answer will be in contextual advertising—displaying ads based not on a profile, but on the content being viewed in real time. Here is a Harvard Business Review essay on the subject.  
  • Blockchain Firm Closes Its Doors In Face Of GDPR
    The GDPR means trouble for blockchain services. One, the Parity ICO Passport Services, is closing its doors the day before GDPR takes effect. 
  • Salesforce Taps CRM Trends To Fuel Growth: Report
    Salesforce has maintained its momentum despite competition from bigger players. Here is an analysis on how the CRM provider plans to reach its ambitious long-term revenue target.  
  • Five Ways To Send Great Emails
    Ecommerce merchants struggle to have their emails stand out. The solution is relevant subject lines and body content. Here are five tips on how to make good emails great. 
  • Australian Retailers Lag In Email Marketing: Study
    Few Australian retailers are delivering great experiences, according to a report by dotmailer. They are leaving money on the table by not executing the basics. 
  • Email Is The Next Great Publishing Platform
    Chatbots, Facebook Messenger and Millennials were all supposed to kill email. But email has survived, and is being used for a new form of personal publishing.  
  • Two Email Platforms Disagree Over GDPR: Report
    MailChimp and Aweber appear to disagree over how to comply with the GDPR. Aweber seems to take aim at MailChimp’s “GDPR-friendly” forms in a blog post, saying it is a myth that emailers need checkboxes. 
  • Is The New Gmail Really Slow?
    A critic complains that Gmail’s new design feels “busier, louder, and altogether more crowded.” Is it slowing things down, or is it just him?, he asks.  
  • How To Use Gmail's Confidential Mode
    Gmail’s confidential mode won’t be available to companies for awhile. But here’s how personal account holders can use it. 
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