• Ten Steps To Help You Succeed With Your Outreach Emails
    Having trouble getting what you want out of your email marketing? Marketing Land will show you the way.
  • Senate Holds Hearings On Digital Privacy
    The U.S. Senate opens hearings on digital privacy-and how far the government can go in demanding data.
  • Fabletics Walks The Walk In Data-Driven Marketing
    Fabletics is combining data collection with in-store technologies to build customer profiles.
  • Seven Easy Ways To Build a Killer Email List
    You can have an email list that tops anybody's. Just follow the steps outined in this Campaigner infographic.
  • Some Android Apps Have 'Wormholes' That Can Lead To Attacks: Study
    Google was on the case this month when it updated its Android app. But hundreds of other apps can alllow cyber attacks, study fnds.
  • Verizon Makes Marketing Error In An Email
    Observers are scratching their heads over a Verizon Email that offers a discount to trade in a Pixel XL for a Pixel XL.
  • Don't Buy Email Lists, Expert Warns
    Forget what you heard about the value of outside email lists. It's better not to use them, an expert says.
  • Google Uses Email To Track Employee Bias Complaints
    Is your organization plagued by sexual harassment and politically incorrect comments? Do what Google is doing-invite people to comment anonymously, and publish the results in an email.
  • Researcher Describes The Tech Issues Behind 'Yahoobleed'
    The risky technical problems that exposed private user data held by Yahoo
  • Verizon Had to Patch Issues In Its Messaging Client: Researcher
    Verizon found a vulnerability in its Message+ messaging client. So it did a patch, a researcher says.
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