• Microsoft Collected Data Via Office Apps: Euro Report
    A Dutch report states that Microsoft broke European privacy rules by carrying out large-scale data collection through its Office applications. The Windows giant collected telemetry and other data, the report states.
  • Last-Minute Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales Tips
    Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just a few days away. Here are some last-minute tips to help brands reach their sales targets. 
  • Five Ways Brands Can Use Marketing Automation
    Automation can help email marketers increase their brand-building ROI. It can also help brands with their social media and video marketing. Here are five uses of marketing automation. 
  • A Trick For Making The New Gmail Look Like The Old One
    Gmail users who hate the new design can get their inbox looking like the old version of Gmail. Here’s the workaround they can use. 
  • British Firms Face 20 Years Of GDPR Fines: Expert
    Despite Brexit, British companies will face massive fines under GDPR for the next two decades. PricewaterhouseCoopers’ lead partner for data protection explains why. 
  • What Nonprofit Groups Have Learned About GDPR
    Nonprofits also must comply with GDPR. Philip Anthony, founder of the nonprofit tech group Coopsys, explains what nonprofit managers have learned since GDPR took effect. 
  • Study Predicts Boost In Mobile Shopping By Millennials This Holiday Season
    One in six millennials will do more of their holiday shopping on smartphones this year than they did in 2017, according to a study by Oath. In addition, two thirds will use a mobile phone to browse gifts. 
  • Some Gmail Users Are Unhappy With The New Gmail
    Not all Gmail users are happy with the Gmail redesign. Many prefer the old inbox and are clinging to the dying app. 
  • It's Time To Break Up The Front-End And Back-End Email Platforms
    Email marketers can achieve better results by separating their front-end platforms from their back-end delivery vendor. Here is why separation can help.  
  • Microsoft Outlook Mobile Update Leads To Mail, Calendar Problems
    Microsoft Outlook mobile users have reported problems with their Mail and Calendar functions following an Outlook update. They had just gotten over a Windows 10 Pro activation error. 
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