• Pixel's Spam-Blocking Feature Set For Expansion
    Pixel’s spam-blocking call screen feature is being rolled out globally. The announce came from Jan Jedrzejowicz, the product manager for Google Voice.
  • Reaching Out To Consumers Who Like Email
    More than half of all shoppers — in all generations — prefer email communications, Data Axle reports. Here’s what brands have to do to leverage that opportunity. 
  • Marketers Are Increasing Their Focus On Email: Study
    Two out of three marketers are investing in email lists, according to a LiveIntent report. Here’s why executives are increasing their focus on email. 
  • Microsoft Tells Teams Users: Don't Use On Older Android Models
    Microsoft will stop supporting Teams, its collaboration platform, on older Android builds. This will affect Android 5 on March 1, 2022, Android 6 until July 1 and Android 7 until September 1.   
  • Mailchimp's Content Optimizer Can Help Firms Optimize Their Email
    Mailchimp recently introduced a new product called Content Optimizer that helps firm use artificial intelligence to improve their email marketing performance. John Wolf, product manager of smart content at Mailchimp, explains how in an interview. 
  • Apple's New Privacy Rules Are Hurting Tech Companies
    Apple’s new restrictions on user tracking are hurting technology and e-commerce companies. They are driving up advertising costs and causing a problem for Snap and Facebook.
  • How To Play The Long Game With Your Email Marketing
    With volumes skyrocketing everywhere, the stakes are high as email marketers approach this holiday season. Improving deliverability can make or break your customer data strategy. Here are tips on how to play the long game with your email this year. 
  • A Guide To Automation In B2B Marketing
    Automation is an ever-more popular tool in B2B marketing. But just what is it, and how does it differ from B2C? Here is a guide. 
  • Malware Is Sent In Mass Volume Email Attack
    A high-volume malware email attack is hitting a range of industries, particularly in Germany and Austria. The campaign is tied to TA505, a financially motivated threat group, security firm Proofpoint says.      
  • Working Around The Email Open Rate In The Wake Of Apple's MPP
    The long-term impact of Apple’s MPP is not yet clear, but it is likely to wean marketers away from instant email feedback and towards metrics such as clicks and conversions. Also, it might lead to experimenting with workarounds. 
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