• The Hot New Social Network: The Email Newsletter
    New York Times tech writer Mike Isaac says there is a growing interest in email newsletters from people who are disenchanted with social media. Here’s why he calls newsletters “my favorite new social network.”
  • A Guide To Controlling Content In Automated Email Campaigns
    How do you maintain control over personalized email content when conducted automated campaigns? Here are tips on how to keep personalization faithful to your unique brand voice. 
  • Marketo Adds New Email Features
    Marketo has announced several enhancements to its core platform and services, including it Email Deliverability Power. The new features allow users to flag and comment on email test results. 
  • GDPR Gets Mixed Reviews At London Panel
    The GDPR has been a success in terms of breach notifications but a failure when it comes to imposing fines on firms that fail to protect consumer data, according to panelists at a forum run by the International Association of Privacy Professionals in London. French regulator Mathias Moulin called the first year of GDPR “a transition year.”
  • Think Global But Act Hyperlocal When Sending Emails
    A brand cannot achieve global scale if it creates distance between itself and the customer. Here is a guide from SendGrid’s Len Shneyder on how to think global but send hyperlocal emails.  
  • Man Pleads Guilty In Facebook-Alphabet Phishing Scam
    Evaldas Rimasauskas pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud for his role in a phishing scheme in which Facebook and Alphabet were tricked into sending more than $100 million. He made the plea under an agreement with prosecutors. 
  • EU Websites Are Not Compliant With GDPR: Report
    Most EU government websites are violating the GDPR, a study shows. Of 28 sites, 25 host ad-tech trackers. This type of activity logging is forbidden. 
  • Eight 'Spammy' Email Marketing Mistakes
    Email marketers should learn from their mistakes as well as their successes. Here are eight errors that can land an email message in a spam folder.  
  • Five Ways AI Can Help Marketing
    AI technologies drive personalized marketing engagement. Here are five ways they can be used, starting with automated email marketing. 
  • Email Top Communications Channel: Study
    Email is the primary collaboration tool within companies, used by 80% for both inside and outside messaging, according to a study by Ingram Micro. Telephone is second, with 67% saying they utilize it. 
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