• Hackers Impersonate Bloomberg Employees
    Hackers are posing as Bloomberg employees in a new email attempt to install remote access software on target computers. The effort has gone beyond bumbling emails in broken English. 
  • Google Offers New Gmail For Web
    Google is rolling out a new Gmail online client that incorporates Chat and Rooms. It is available for free to users. But it is scrapping the Google Material Theme compose button. 
  • The Benefits Of Marketing Automation
    Marketing automation can help brands create successful campaigns. But it can also enable them to track their customers’ journeys, nurture leads and drive sales. Here’s a guide to how. 
  • Study Shows That B2C Email Messaging Is Evolving
    Most B2C messages are sent via email, according to a new study by MessageGears. That company’s Will Devlin explains the findings.  
  • Writers Are Monetizing Their Email Newsletters With Advertising
    Advertisers are buying into email newsletters, supporting independent writers and journalists. Here is a report on how newsletters are being monetized via services like Substack, Revue and Ghost.
  • A Guide To Email Retargeting
    Retargeting can produce some of the highest conversions in email marketing by weeding out unlikely prospects. Here is a primer on email retargeting. 
  • Google Photos Receives An Update
    Google Photos has released its first update since December. But the new version includes only “bug fixes and performance improvements.” Google Assistant has also received an update.   
  • Email Blast Denounces Coca-Cola Response To Georgia Voting Law
    An email blast from Rep. Seth Grossman (R-NJ) has assailed Coca-Cola’s response to Georgia’s restrictive new voting law. “Like many Americans, I am disgusted with corporate giants like Coca-Cola that fund and promote the ‘social justice’ agendas of ‘woke’ Democrats,” Grossman says.      
  • States Inch Toward Passing New Privacy Bills
    States are moving toward passing their own privacy laws after Virginia has done so. Here is a rundown of what states are doing in an effort to catch up to GDPR and CCPA.   
  • Big Tech Drives Recent Privacy Laws: Why Consumers Should Be Suspicious
    The data privacy law recently passed in Virginia was authored by Amazon, with input from Microsoft. Consumers should be suspicious of privacy bills that are pushed by big tech. 
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