• AI And The New Digital Marketing Landscape
    AI will dominate digital marketing this year. From content delivery to ad delivery, AI can help brands increase their conversion rates and ability to engage their customers. Here’s why you have to deploy this technology. 
  • Data Analytics Can Help Brands Streamline Their Marketing Strategy: Opinion
    Corporate management often gets in the way of marketing attribution. For instance, one firm tied bonuses to success in different channels. Guess which channels dominated reports? But technology is emerging and will drive revenue when properly used. Here is a forecast of how advanced data analytics will help brands streamline marketing strategy this year. 
  • Content Marketing Use Cases For 2020
    Content marketing should thrive in 2020, especially when driven by email newsletters. New capabilities, including content personalization and automation, will help brands build ROI. Here are three old-school content marketing use cases. 
  • Five Tips For Revving Up Your Email Marketing Program
    Underperforming email campaigns are a waste of time and money. Here are five tips for brands that need to rethink their email marketing plans.  
  • 15 Stats That Make The Case For Email Marketing
    Need some stats to convince colleagues and family members that email is important? Here is an infographic from TD Insight containing 15 email marketing stats you need to know in 2020.  
  • How To Avoid Product Non-Delivery Costs
    The annual cost failed retail deliveries is $1.98 billion. How does a brand avoid racking up losses when a shipment doesn’t get there? By communicating with customers through every stage—via email and other channels. 
  • 10 Email Marketing Software Reviews
    Looking for a good email marketing software package? Here are reviews of 10. Hopefully, you can choose one that’s suitable for your business. Note: MediaPost does not endorse any products.
  • Email Marketing Tactics For SMBs
    In theory, email produces an ROI of 4,400%. But some SMBs are failing to hit that number. Here are tips from experts to help you generate new leads, convert customers and re-engage lapsed subscribers. 
  • The Best Times To Send An Email Marketing Campaign
    Timing is everything, especially in email marketing. There are good days and bad days for sending it, and optimal times of day. Here is a refresher on improve your response rate with effective email scheduling. 
  • Listrak CEO Ross Kramer On Marketing Technology
    Listrak had its origin in 1999 when Movies Unlimited asked Ross Kramer and friends to build an email marketing tool. Kramer, who is CEO of Listrak, describes technology’s impact on marketing since then.
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