• FCC To Vote On Net Neutrality Rollback On December 14
    The Federal Communications Commission said it will vote on rolling back net neutrality at its December 14 monthly meeting. The reversal would affect Obama-era safeguards that prevent paid content prioritization. 
  • Net Neutrality Repeal Could Weaken Enforcement
    The planned undoing of net neutrality rules could shift responsibility for regulating Internet providers from the Federal Communications Commission to the Federal Trade Commission. And that could weaken enforcement because the FTC’s purview may be limited to issues such as truth in advertising.
  • Marketers Embrace Automation, Reports State
    Marketers are increasing their use of automation, according to a variety of reports -- but they face obstacles, including budget and internal resistance to change. 
  • Verizon Outage Affects Florida Email Access
    A Verizon wireless outage in Florida prevented many customers from accessing their email on Monday. Verizon said it had restored service. 
  • DMA Evolves Into Data-Centric Organization
    The Data & Marketing Association, previously called the Direct Marketing Association, was widely perceived as a direct mail group. But the organization has repositioned itself to data a digital and data-centric approach.  
  • Seven Tips For Black Friday, Cyber Monday Marketing
    The countdown is on for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Here are some tips on how to drive holiday sales. One is to craft masterful emails. Another is to time them properly. 
  • Netflix Punisher Email Seems To Be Part Of A Phishing Scam
    Netflix is promoting "The Punisher" with an email that resemble a phishing scam. The subject line says, “Suspicious Activity Marvel on Netflix,” which  but when recipients click through, they soon see the Punisher’s skull logo and a button that directs them to the Netflix site. Scam artists have recently sent phishing emails to Netflix customers.  
  • Malicious Trojan Steals Email Passwords
    Security research firm Bitdefender has identified a Trojan that compromises log-in credentials, including email passwords. This has affected Yahoo users, the firm says. 
  • Small-Town America Suffers From Slow Internet Service
    Rural Americans are unable to check emails and perform other simple tasks because the lack of high-speed Internet in their towns. The issue is widespread throughout the United States. 
  • Brooklinen Intern Sends Email Promotion By Mistake -- Or Was It?
    A digital marketing intern working at bedding startup Brooklinen accidentally sent an email offering Black Friday deals to the entire subscriber base. But was it really a mistake? Here’s why the alleged gaffe may have been a good move. 
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