• Amazon Email Offers Items For $10 And Less
    Amazon has sent an email with the subject line, “The new $10 and under store.” Observers are now wondering if the retail giant is now targeting the dollar-star market.  
  • Online Videos May Supplant Political Email
    Viral campaign videos might replace email fund-raising, TV ads and other channels. Online politics expert Colin Delany explains why.
  • How To Reach The Growing Global Email Audience
    There will be 4.1 billion email users by 2021, forecasts show. Now is the time to start employing tactics and strategies to reach them. 
  • Osterweis Increases Share In SendGrid
    Osterweis Capital Management Inc. purchased 140,370 additional shares of SendGrid stock, valued at roughly $3,723,000. In addition, SendGrid SVP Yanagawa Leandra Fishman has sold 10,000 shares.
  • LinkedIn CEO Identifies The Biggest Email Mistake
    LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner has shared what he thinks is the single biggest mistake in email: Writing too much. He says, “It’s easy to overlook the importance o clarity and brevity in emails. 
  • Grammarly Builds Engagement With Email Newsletter
    Grammarly, a writing assistance platform, is using a weekly email newsletter called Grammarly Insights to create engagement for the brand. Grammarly’s Drew Price shared insights and tips at the LitmusLive event in Boston.  
  • Nestle Germany Is One Step Ahead Of GDPR
    Even before GDPR, Nestlé Germany faced tougher data rules than other Nestlé offices in Europe. Tina Beuchler, Nestlé Germany’s digital and media director, explains why, and how the company complies.  
  • Retail Email Newsletters Need A New Model
    Many retailers are still sending generic email newsletters to their entire list. Personalization can improve the customer experience — and drive higher revenue for these firms.  
  • Gmail's Automated Replies Are Often Laughable: Report
    Gmail’s automated email replies are often off-base. For example, one woman received a response from her mother, saying, “Cool, see you there.” But her mother doesn’t talk like a valley girl. 
  • Email Tips For Travel Marketers
    Personalized email can keep travelers informed and engaged. Here are examples of the kinds of travel and hospitality emails that drive results. 
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