• Consumers Warned: Don't Unsubscribe From Spam Emails
    Illicit spammers have their own way of looking at things: When a consumer clicks “unsubscribe” or “stop,” the spammer takes that to mean “subscribe” and “Please, go on.”
  • Google Claims New Ad Techniques Are Almost As Good As Cookies
    Google claims that the ad-targeting techniques it outlines in its Privacy Sandbox are pulling results that are almost as effective as those achieved by third-party cookies. It also says that its Federated Learning of Cohorts (FloC) approach is superior when it comes to privacy. 
  • Gmail Users Told They Must Accept New Terms Of Use On Jan. 25
    Gmail users were told they must accept new terms on Jan. 25 or lose certain messaging features. These include Smart Compose, Assistant reminders and Automatic email filtering. 
  • B2B Marketers Can Find a Competitive Gain In Omnichannel Marketing
    B2B brands need to embrace omnichannel marketing in the wake of COVID-19. That doesn’t mean replacing measurable workhorses like email and content marketing—rather, it requires that brands bring these channels together, along with new ones, and coordinate their marketing. 
  • What's Wrong With Today's Retail Experience
    Consumers now expect a more personalized experience from retailers. But many brands shoot themselves in the foot by running ads that annoy users by pitching the same product they are buying. Powerinbox CEO Jeff Kupietzky recommends a deeper data dive to personalize offers.  
  • Stick With The Marketing Basics In The New Year
    A barrage of new technology will probably debut in 2021. But wise marketers will avoid getting swept up in the hype. It’s time to return to the marketing basics.  Here’s a guide to how. 
  • How To Resolve Demand-Generation Issues
    Third-party demand-generation efforts have grown in number. But there are several issues that can slow them down. Here’s a list of common demand-generation problems, with tips on how to fix them. 
  • Construction And Energy Sectors Hit With Phishing Attacks
    Phishing artists have hacked construction and energy firms, using credentials that were available with a Google search. The emails used an employee or title within the target company in the subject line. 
  • The Top Email Marketing Trends Of 2021
    Email will be widely used in 2021, as it was in 2020. But you have to ensure your email strategy does not fall flat. Here are the leading email marketing trends and tools. 
  • Retailer Kogan Fined For Sending 'Spam' Emails
    Online retailer Kogan has been hit with a fine for violating Australia’s anti-spam laws. The firm allegedly sent 47 million emails from which it was hard for shoppers to unsubscribe.
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