• Brightcove Suffers Outage, CEO Apologizes
    Video platform Brightcove was hit with a service outage this week, promoting CEO Jeff Ray to apologize. Fay says that the outage, while it may not be tied to the coronavirus outbreak, shows that service is crucial. 
  • What You Need To Know About Email Marketing
    Email is now the default workplace. An expert shares everything he knows about how to master email marketing.  
  • Automation Can Help You Create a Healthy Email Diet
    Leading brands are using advanced machine-learning tools to determine each customer’s unique interests. The purpose: to create a nutritious email diet for every subscriber. Here is an explanation of what goes into this process.
  • UK DMA Study: Offers And Advice Drive Email Results
    Discounts, offers and advice are the types of email content that help brands achieve their campaign goals, according to a study by the UK’s Data & Marketing Association (DMA). Tim Bond, head of insight at the DMA, says, “The importance of email to a business cannot be understated.” 
  • Customer Acquisition For Ecommerce Brands
    Email plays a key role in helping ecommerce firms acquire new customers. It consists of sending customized messages to prospects, depending on where they are in the buying process. Here are tips from Springbot’s Erika Jolly Brookes on ways to pull in new customers, from retargeting to email. 
  • Crisis Marketing: Email Do's And Don'ts
    Your customers would most likely appreciate an update if your services are affected by COVID-19. That doesn’t mean you should send a Brand Friend email stating “We’re all in this together” or tell them things they already know. Here is a guide to the delicate task of sending emails during a crisis. 
  • Emails You Should Never Send During A Pandemic
    It’s easy to be tone-deaf during the current health crisis. Here are six emails you shouldn’t send during a pandemic—and two that you should. 
  • Don't Send The Same Old Triggered Emails During The Covid-19 Crisis
    You may have a great triggered email program in place. But sales are down for many brands due to the Covid-19 crisis, and you just can’t send the usual “We want you back” emails. Here are some suggestions for communicating during the pandemic. 
  • Inside The Email Marketing Infrastructure
    The email infrastructure has dozens of moving parts. Here’s an inside look at the systems handling email delivery, servers, domain names and IP addresses.  
  • Signing Up Email Subscribers On Your Ecommerce Site
    Ecommerce provides a great opportunity for collecting email addresses, even those of browsers. Here are tips on how to go about signing up new subscribers. 
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