• Ransomware Is Dominated By Three 'Families:' Report
    Three ransomware-as-a-service actors make up 64 percent of all threats detected, according to Bitdefender. They are WannaCryptor, Stop/DJVU and Phobos.
  • Slack Suffers Outage That Results In Log-in Issues
    Slack has responded to a major outage that has left users of the online and chat-based service unable to log in. This has resulted in numerous complaints to downdetector. 
  • Email Marketing Campaign Tips For Halloween
    Autumn is here, and Halloween is only weeks away. Here are email marketing tips to prevent you from being frightened. 
  • Some Microsoft 365 Users Unable To Log Into Accounts
    Microsoft is investigating an issue that is preventing some users from logging into their Microsoft 365 accounts. The company says the problem has to do with Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Email Guide For Affiliate Marketers
    Email is an essential tool for affiliate marketers. Here is a guide to email marketing for brands in this sector. 
  • Gmail Illustration Tool Lets Consumers Build A Custom Profile Picture
    A new Gmail tool allows users to build a custom profile picture, selecting one from a Google Illustrations connection. Hundreds of available illustrations reflect numerous cultures. 
  • How BIMI Will Build Trust And Security For Email Marketers
    BIMI Brand Indicators for Message Identification)provides a framework for email security and brand messaging. Here is an analysis of what BIMI can do for email marketers.  
  • Google Updates Software, Cuts Off Millions Of Android Phones From Gmail, Google Maps and YouTube
    Millions of Android phones will be blocked from Gmail, Google Maps and YouTube starting today as Google updates its software. The aging Google 2.3 operating system was launched in 2010.   
  • A Guide To Email Marketing For Retailers
    New technologies abound. But email remains the one tool marketers cannot do without. Here is an analysis of where email stands, and how it can be used by retailer brands.   
  • The Good News About Apple's Mail Privacy Protection: The End Of The Open
    Email senders are worried about the impact of “Pixelgeddon” – Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection — the change that nullifies opens by Apple Mail users as a metric. But it is a day of rejoicing for those who have warned for years that the open rate is over-valued. Origin’s Ryan Phelan explains why. 
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