• Kentucky Mayor Victim of Phishing Scam
    Randall Curry, the mayor of Horse Cave, KY had his email inbox hacked into and is the victim of a phishing scam. The politician's email address has been sending out a spam email claiming that the mayor is stuck in Turkey and needs cash to get out. Curry revealed that this message is a scam and recipients should not respond.
  • With Mobile Playing a Larger Role, Email Remains to Core to Groupon's Marketing Strategy
    Daily deal site Groupon has seen ups and downs in the past couple of years, but the brand grew its active user base in the first half of 2014 by 19 percent and the company still accounts for 59.1 percent of the U.S. daily deals market. Mobile is playing a larger role in the company's strategy, with mobile accounting for more than 40 percent of its transactions. While the company has seen 92 million app downloads, email is still core to driving transactions.
  • Pittsburgh is Shopping For an Email Retention Archiving System
    The city of Pittsburgh is considering moving the city government agencies to a new cloud-based email archiving and retention system. The Department of Innovation and Performance have been authorized to sign a contract to install a new system which is expected to cost up to $210,000. The department has issued an RFP and is currently receiving responses.
  • Microsoft Might Be Acquiring Email Startup Acompli
    Microsoft may be about to acquire the email startup Acompli, an email inbox management tool for professionals. TechCrunch discovered a URL that says "Microsoft Acquires Acompli," and an unfinished blog post written by Microsoft corporate vice president Rajesh Jha on an RSS wire earlier today. The Redmond-based tech giant declined to comment on the deal.
  • Eyewear Retailer Felix + Iris Uses Data to Personalize Email
    Online eyewear retailer felix + iris recently began using data to send personalized emails to its customers throughout the customer lifecycle. The emails explain that the customer could receive the same level of personalized care online as they would from visiting a doctor in person. The emails push a quiz and a Fit Kit. If a consumer doesn't order a Fit Kit, the company will send an email reminding users to that they can try on four pairs of glasses at home for free. Ninety-six percent of people who order the kit make a purchase.
  • PA Turnpike Employes Punished in Email Porn Scandal
    Pennsylvania Turnpike employees have been punished as part of the state's email porn scandal. The eleven employees allegedly used official state email to forward pornographic images and have been suspended or reprimanded for the offense. The news comes after the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office has been caught up in their own email abuse scandal involving sharing pornography with their state email accounts.
  • Florida Governor Accused of Using Personal Email For Official Business
    Florida Governor Rick Scott allegedly used a personal email account to conduct official business, The Associated Press has reported. According to records obtained by AP, Scott, used his email private account to discuss vetoes, state budget, as well as his speeches. Scott has responded saying that if anyone wrote to his personal email about state business he would forward it to his official account.
  • Former NYC City Hall Aide's Email Used to Promote Protest
    Rachel Noerdlinger, a former NYC city hall aide resigned her post last week, but yesterday her email address was used to promote a protest. The email invited reporters to a press conference in Newark being hosted by New Jersey National Action Network (NAN) leaders and Newark Mayor Ras Baraka to discuss the situation in Ferguson, Missouri. Noerdlinger has said that it was a mistake that the email was sent under her name.
  • eAngel Spell Checks Emails With Human Eyes
    Want to spell check your emails? A new tech company has launched a service called eAngel that brings human autocorrect to your Gmail outbox for $5 a month. The Chrome extension gives Gmail users the option to compose an email with the "send with eAngel" option. Once the email is spell checked, eAngel sends you an email to let you know that your email is ready.
  • Email Generates $44.25 For Every $1 Spent: Experian
    For every $1 spent on email marketing, companies are counting an average return of $44.25, according to a recent report from Experian. The research also revealed that of the 91 percent of consumers that opt out of an email program, almost half (46 percent) claim that irrelevant messages are the reason for unsubscribing.
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