• Co-Founder Scott Dorsey Leaves ExactTarget Less Than a Year After Salesforce Acquisition
    ExactTarget co-founder Scott Dorsey has stepped down from his role as CEO. Scott McCorkle, the company's president of technology and strategy and COO, will take over the helm. Salesforce acquired the Indianapolis-based company last year for $2.5 billion. Since then a number of executives have left the firm.
  • Minbox Now Lets Gmail Users Send Large Files
    Minbox, a Mac file-transfer and storage plug-in service, has rolled out a Chrome extension specifically for Gmail that allows users to send large files directly from their inbox. A user must simply click the attachment icon, select a files and sign in to their Minbox account. A link is then automatically pasted into the Gmail message.
  • Washington State Employees Accused of Using Government Email Accounts For Personal Use
    Washington State auditors have claimed that two Pierce College employees improperly used their government email addresses. The employees were reported to the State Auditor's office by whistleblowers. Investigators found that a transportation engineer was using his email signature to promote his own book. An administrative assistant allegedly used her work email for personal communications.
  • Blogtrottr Lets Consumers Create Email Alerts From Blogs
    Blogtrottr lets consumers create their own email digests of their favorite blogs. The tool allows a users to enter a web site's RSS feed and their email address in order to get updates from these blogs. Users can set their frequency preferences and decide if they would like to receive messages every 2 hours to twice a day.
  • Snowden Responds to NSA's Email Release
    Snowden says that the NSA's email release is incomplete. Yesterday the NSA released an email exchange revealing that Edward Snowden did send emails raising concerns about the agency's surveillance programs to his superiors, but claimed its didn't show enough concern to constitute his actions. Snowden told The Washington Post that he sent many more emails than the NSA has revealed. "I'm glad they've shown they have access to records they claimed just a few months ago did not exist, and I hope we'll see the rest of them very soon," he told the newspaper.
  • Snapchat CEO 'Embarrassed' by Leaked Frat Boy Emails
    After ValleyWag's Sam Biddle leaked emails showing his misogynistic days as a frat boy, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel admitted to Business Insider that the emails made him feel shameful. "I'm obviously mortified and embarrassed that my idiotic emails during my fraternity days were made public. I have no excuse. I'm sorry I wrote them at the time and I was jerk to have written them. They in no way reflect who I am today or my views towards women."
  • NSA Admits That Snowden Did Email Them Before Leaking Government Secrets
    The National Security Agency has unveiled an email sent by Edward Snowden to its Office of General Counsel which shows that the former contractor had been in touch with the agency before he leaked the agency's secret surveillance practices. In the past, the NSA has denied that Snowden had tried to contact them prior to his actions. The NSA has released this email after NBC News confirmed that they had seen an email from Snowden to the agency. The security agency claims that one email was not enough to really prove he was concerned.
  • Employee Email Can Cost Companies Millions
    Employee email can cost companies millions of dollars a year, according to new research from Dr. Ian M. Paul, a pediatrician at Penn State College of Medicine. Paul tracked his emails for an entire academic year and found that he got 2,035 mass distribution emails: 1,501 from the medical center, 450 from his department and 84 from the university. He estimated that each message took about 30 seconds to read and calculated the cost of about $1,641 a year per doctor at his hospital. This added up to more than $1 million in lost time, since his hospital has 629 …
  • Inky Launches Tool For Filtering Emails on iOS Devices
    Inky has introduced a new email app to help iOS users manage their inboxes. The app allows users to view their inboxes with 'smart views' similar to Gmail tabs. These filters will presort emails into sections based on what they are such as social notifications, marketing messages and transactional messages.
  • Symantec Acquires NitroDesk
    Email security firm Symantec has acquired mobile security firm NitroDesk in a deal whose terms were not disclosed. The two companies were already partners. NitroDesk offered its TouchDown application as part of Symantec's App Center, a mobile application management and security product. The acquisition will bring more security for Android email to Symantec's suite.
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