• How iOS 15 Is Affecting Email Marketing
    All iOS 15 devices, including iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, register all incoming emails as opens whether consumers took that action or not. Here is the probable impact on email marketing. 
  • Email Can Help Drive Post-Holiday Sales
    Email is a powerful marketing tool, and should be used for tasks like promoting post-holiday discounts. BBB CEO Shelley Polansky explains why. 
  • Digital Transformation Has Four Pillars
    Companies undergoing digital transformation need to focus on four elements: IT uplift, digitizing operations, digital marketing, and digital businesses. The authors provide a simplifying framework based on their collective research. 
  • The Case For Dynamic Email Content
    Brands seeking to personalize their email have to avoid falling into the same old tactics. The solution is dynamic content. Here’s why. 
  • The Difference Between Hard And Soft Email Bounces
    Nobody wants their email to bounce. But marketers should understand the difference between hard bounces—permanent ones—and soft bounces, which are fixable. Here’s a primer on the subject. 
  • European Email Marketers Are Succeeding Despite GDPR
    GDPR has not hurt European brands—quite the contrary. A recent Litmus study shows that UK and EU email senders pull an ROI of. 46.1, versus 34.1 for U.S. firms. Validity’s Guy Hanson outlines what U.S. marketers can learn from this, and how they can turn Apple’s MPP into a win.
  • Apple iCloud Users Report A Service Outage
    Apple users are having problems logging in to iCloud services. Some can’t open their apps. The problem apparently started on Tuesday evening. 
  • Dyspatch Seeks To Help Firms Send Engaging Emails
    Dyspatch, which offers a drag-and-drop tool for designing emails, leveraged AMP for Email to launch its Apps in Email product last year. Here are excerpts from an interview with Dyspatch CEO Matt Harris.   
  • Microsoft Alerts Office 365 Users To New Phishing Scheme
    Microsoft Office 365 users are being hit with phishing emails that try to con them into giving QAuth permissions to a bogus app that can then read and write emails, Microsoft warns. QAuth has been abused by attackers in the past. 
  • CRU Overhauls Its Email, Digital Marketing With Adobe's Help
    Adobe is helping CRU, a parachurch organization, upgrade its digital marketing. This includes the group’s email marketing, which now totals between 5 million and 8 million emails per month. 
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