• PSC Slams Feds For Failure to Notify Employees About Data Breach
    The Professional Services Council (PSC) has challenged the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) in a new letter complaining that the federal agency has still yet to notify millions of employees and contractors that their sensitive personal information may have been exposed in a breach. "Unfortunately, it has now been more than four weeks since the first public release of the existence of the second breach and still no notifications have been sent out," Stan Soloway, PSC President and CEO wrote in a letter to OPM's new acting director Beth Cobert. "These estimated 21.5 million employees and their family members are …
  • Only 13% of Marketers Use Automation Software With Email: Smart Insights
    Seventy-seven percent of marketers that use marketing automation tools use the technology instead of an email marketing tool, and only 13 percent of marketers use marketing automation in conjunction with an email marketing tool, according to a new report from Smart Insights. The research also revealed that full-scale marketing automation drives an average 80 percent increase in leads and a 77 percent lift in conversions.
  • Talkler App Will Read Your Email to You
    Want to check your email while you are driving or on the treadmill? Talkler is a new app that will read your email to you through a series of voice commands. To self it up, you have to enter your email address and password and the app will access your inbox and read your messages. You can skip through messages by telling the app to skip to the next message. The text shows up in a teleprompter type fashion on the screen as you listen in case you want to glance down and read.
  • MailChimp & Salesforce Lead G2's Email Vendor Assessment
    MailChimp and the Salesforce Marketing Cloud came out on top of G2 Crowd's latest report on email marketing vendors. The research looked at email marketing services across the marketplace. Constant Contact, iContact, and dotmailer also made it to the leaders quadrant. High Performers the next notch down on the list, which earned high customer satisfaction but lower market presence, included: GetResponse, Maropost, OpenMoves Email Marketing Platform, and ExpressPigeon.
  • Google Now Lets Developers Beta Test Android Apps Via Email
    Google has created a new tool for Android developers to beta test Android apps via email or links. Developers can create beta tests privately by inviting users through email. The user can accept the invitation to download the app and report their experience. There is also an option to create a an open beta with a link.
  • Literary Archivists Look Beyond Print Journals to Save the Emails of Famous Authors
    Literary archivists have historically saved the journals of famous authors, but today, archivists are turning to digital channels to store the communications of writers. At Stanford, archivists are using a program called Muse-for "Memories Using Email" to manage the email archives of writers, including the 150,000 emails in the archive of poet and author Robert Creeley. Building off of Muse, a team at Stanford Libraries created an open-source software program to manage email archives called ePADD.
  • NRMA Taps Mimecast to Cut Down on Email Attacks
    Ever since Australian roadside assistance company NRMA Motoring and Services migrated its email system to Microsoft Office 365, there has been trouble. The new platform has exposed the company to several viruses and online attacks. The company has seen ransomware, spear phishing, and crypto lock on its system. Now they have tapped Mimecast to help increase security and address these email issues.
  • The Pentagon's Unclassified Email System is Out
    An unclassified email system at the Pentagon has gone down. Officials are investigating the system for exposures and risks. The Joint Staff and hundreds of Defense Department personnel use the system. The group did not attribute the outage to an attack and does not believe that any classified information was exposed.
  • Cetera Financial Group Taps LinkedIn to Improve Email Performance
    Cetera Financial Group wanted to make its customer email program more personalized, and they looked beyond email to do so. Using tools from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, the financial services firm created a program to nurture their current email contacts alongside LinkedIn data. The new strategy helped the company increase site traffic with more than 900 new site visitors coming from LinkedIn.
  • Scammers Are Stealing Money From Small Businesses Using "Business Email Fraud"
    Companies around the world lost $1 billion from October 2013 through June 2015 to a new form of online fraud, according to the FBI. Online thieves have been using public information and exploiting corporate email systems to fool small businesses into paying money into fraudulent bank accounts.
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