• Google Pulls Back Red Icon Change On Android
    Google has rolled back a change that dropped its red icon and replaced it with Dynamic Color in notifications on Android devices. There were widespread protests. 
  • Necessary Tech Tools For B2B Marketers
    B2B businesses need technology when they start out—investments on which they can build a solid reputation with potential customers. But what are these systems? An expert panel describes eight essential tech tools required by B2B marketers.
  • New Gmail Feature Allows Spreadsheet Data Capture And Email Sends
    Gmail’s latest feature, a Sheets integration with Gmail’s mail merge, allows users to send personalized emails to up to 1,500 people. The tool lets them pull vast amounts of information from a spreadsheet. 
  • What Customers Want: It May Be Time To Rethink Your B2B Website
    B2B expert Ruth Stevens describes the seven B2B website essentials customers want. It may be time to rethink your website from the strategic to the tactical. 
  • Gmail's Dynamic Color Could Cause Problems For Some Android Users
    Gmail’s addition of Dynamic Color to Android could have serious consequences for some Android users. It could cause them to miss potentially important notifications. 
  • Microsoft Will Update Its Outlook Windows App
    Microsoft is shutting down its Mail and Calendar apps and will merge them into a new iteration of Outlook for Windows. This will be the default mailbox app on Windows II devices that will ship next year. 
  • Gmail Launches Dynamic Color For Icon In Android
    Gmail will have a new look on Android as the email service adopts dynamic color theming and will stop defaulting to a red theme. Previously, the outline of Gmail’s “M” icon was on a red background. 
  • Marketers Say: We're Paying Too Much For Email
    European marketers feel they are paying too much for email marketing tools. Of 250 senior marketers surveyed, 38% feel that way. Here is a report on the survey and a free ChatGPT tool being offered. 
  • Tech Firm Sumo Logic Lays Off 79 Workers
    Analytics software firm Sumo Logic has laid off 79 employees. The layoffs occurred less than a month after the firm was acquired by global investment firm Francisco Partners for $1.7 billion.
  • Keeping Law Firm Emails Out Of The Spam Box
    Law firms are increasingly using email marketing. But it is a waste of time if newsletters and client alerts are landing in the spam folder. Here is a primer on how to keep your law firm marketing emails out of the spam box.  
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