• Gay-Run Digital Agency Seeks Growth In LGBTQ And SMB Markets
    A gay entrepreneur is seeking to serve the LGBTQ and small business communities with a Chicago-based digital agency: Louie Inc.. The company offers email, text, website SEO and other services.  
  • Avoid Poor B2B Sales Practices With Email Marketing
    A report shows that 59% of B2B companies conduct no email campaigns whatever, whereas the remainder run at least one. Why aren’t B2B marketers capitalizing on email? Here are tips on how they can use email to avoid poor sales practices. 
  • New Email Marketing Service Offered To Libraries
    BiblioCommons has introduced BiblioEmail, an automated service that allows public libraries to pull all of a library’s content into email campaigns or newsletters. In addition, it has updated its BiblioWeb and BiblioApps products.  
  • Gmail Confidential Mode Could Violate Privacy, EFF Says
    Gmail’s confidential mode “creates privacy and security expectations that the product just doesn't meet,” says Gennie Gebhart, associate director of research at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Gebhart adds,“Confidential mode emails are not end-to-end encrypted, for example, which means that Google can see the contents of your messages.”
  • Salesforce Is Adding To Its R&D Team In Israel
    Salesforce is expanding its presence in Israel, making the country its second-largest retail and development hub. The firm, which has had a presence in Israel since 2011, plans to hire dozens of employees this year and next.  
  • California Privacy Law Could Be Watered Down, Experts Say
    Privacy advocates are worried that big tech companies will succeed in watering down the California Consumer Privacy Act. Sept. 13 is the deadline for final changes to the bill, which takes effect next January.  
  • Nine Email Campaign Strategies For Retailers
    Email produces conversion rates of up to 50% for retailers. Here are nine campaign strategies every brand should be using. 
  • Email Says Jerry Lewis, Dead Since In 2017, Will Celebrate Pride Day
    A PR email contained a mangled subject line saying that “Jerry Lewis Returns to New York & Celebrates Pride Day.” The comedian died in 2017. The line should have said “Jenny Lewis.”  
  • Slack's Mistaken Email Timeline
    Slack says that email will go away in less than a decade. Not so fast. Email is alive and well despite this timeline. And it will be in the future.
  • Five Great Re-Engagement Emails
    Brand emails are often pushed to the trash. And those customers have to be re-engaged. Here are five examples of effective re-engagement email — from Starbucks, Thrive Market, Urban Outfitters and SimpliSafe. 
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