• How To Improve Email Open Rates
    Campaigner offers an infographic on how to drive response-i.e., by using personalized subject lines.
  • Email Can Help Relieve Brand Fatigue
    Email isn't dead. On the contrary, it can help brands avoid brand fatigue with timely and relevant messaging.
  • Four Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid
    CRMBuyer warns marketers not to put the recipient on the spot or base personalization only on data. It also encourages good grammar.
  • Google Says It Solves Gmail Phishing Scam
    Google said it has found the solution to a phishing scam affecting Gmail users. Thanks to an update to its chrome browser, it warns people when they have been served a page that uses the phishing trick
  • Google's End-To-End Encrypted Email Code Goes Open-Source
    E2EMail, an experimental end-to-end encryption system, has been given to the open-source community, Google announced.
  • Email Tablet Open Rate Higher In UK Than US
    Email open rates are higher on tablets in the UK than they are in the United states-25% vs. 15%, a Movable Ink study shows.
  • How AI Will Transform B2B Marketing
    Artificial Intelligence will drive more effective email campaigns, better lead generation and improved visibility for B2B marketers within three years, a study predicts.
  • Cordial Raises $6 Million in Financing
    Cordial, a technology company that tracks behavior and generates triggered emails, has raised $6 million in new funding. This round of financing was backed by Upfront Ventures.
  • FCC To Scrap Obama Privacy Rules
    The Federal Trade Commission wants to roll back Obama administration rules that subject broadband providers to greater privacy restrictions than web sites.
  • Gary Johnson's 'No More Kumbaya' Email Wins Creative Award
    An email effort for 2016 third-party Presidential candidate Gary Johnson has won a Reed award for the best email fundraising campaign during the primary season. The email, titled, "No More Kumbaya," was created by IVC Media LLC.
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