• NFL Focuses on CRM to Deliver Targeted Emails
    The National Football League (NFL) is focusing on CRM in order to make its emails appealing to its disparate audiences -- fans from 32 different teams. The organization asks subscribers to share their favorite team, their favorite NFL memory and some personal details in order to send them targeted emails based on their preferences. Since they began this approach back in 2012, open rates have increased 121 percent, click through are up 26 percent and mobile opens are up 9 percent.
  • Jeb Bush Emails Will Soon Be Readable in Many Forms
    Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is planning to release an eBook with more than 250,000 emails sent while he was in office. In addition, the state of Florida has released thousands more emails to read. The Florida Center for Investigative Reporting is taking some of this data and turning it into readable PDF files sand sharing them to the DocumentCloud, so that they are easy for citizens to read.
  • Email Leak Reveals Samsung OS Rollout
    A Samsung employee has taken to Reddit to leak an email that reveals Samsung's new OS roll out. The email, which was supposedly sent out to stores by Samsung, gives instructions on how to update devices for Lollipop. The email reveals that next month, Android devices will be getting Lollipop OS updates.
  • Gmail is Back Up in China
    Google's Gmail service seems to be working again in mainland China. The outage, which lasted about 4 days, left Google users who access Gmail accounts via POP and Imap servers, unable to access their accounts. Users took to social media to report that their inboxes were now getting messages.
  • Benchmark Email Gives Small Businesses Free Email Marketing Tools
    Benchmark Email allows small companies to send basic email marketing campaigns for free. The tool allows marketers to collect email addresses for free up to a point. PC Magazine recently reviewed the software and found that while the software was easy to use, it lacked Gmail and third-party contact integration and was slightly glitchy.
  • Philadelphia Parking Authority Spoofing Email in Circulation
    The Philadelphia Parking Authority is the victims of a spoofing campaign. The organization revealed that spammers have been circulating emails soliciting payments for nonexistent parking tickers. The email calls on recipients to click on a link to pay the bill. "The Philadelphia Parking Authority does not solicit payments for any parking ticket via email. The only notifications will come through the United States mail," The Philadelphia Parking Authority's Rick Dickson told CBS Philly.
  • Hillary Clinton Sends 'Announcement' Email
    Hillary Clinton sent an email to through the Clinton Foundation to political reporters today with a subject line that just had to be clicked on. It read "Announcement." While most of the recipients opened the email expecting to find news of a presidential bid, the email was a birth announcement for her new granddaughter. "In my family, we're celebrating our first holidays with a beautiful new granddaughter," Clinton wrote in the email. "We're also celebrating the generosity and commitment of our incredible Clinton Foundation family - and that means you."
  • American Workers Rely on Email: Pew Research
    Email is the most critical digital communications tool for American workers. Almost 60 percent of working Americans said that email is "very important" to doing their jobs, according to a new report from the Pew Research Center. Only 25 percent of workers rely on their mobile phones and 35 percent rely on land lines. Only 4 percent of the workers said that social networks are very important at work.
  • Email Encryption Up in 2014
    Adoption of email encryption software was up in 2014. According to The Electronic Frontier Foundation, more email providers are using STARTTLS for email, a standard for end-to-end encryption in email. In 2014, Gmail reported that 77 percent of outbound emails were encrypted with STARTTLS and 95 percent of Facebook's outbound emails were also encrypted.
  • Beyonce & Adele's Email Accounts Hacked
    The hackers that got into Sony's server have now reportedly hacked into the email accounts of Adele and Beyonce as well as the boy band One Direction. Apparently the hackers are threatening to reveal these emails which may include the private negotiations of these artists along with song files.
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