• Email Marketing To The Managed Inbox
    Email marketers face many challenges, such as marketing to the managed inbox. Here is a discussion of how to maintain high deliverability in the face of that problem. 
  • Federal Privacy Bill Not Likely To Be Passed Soon: Analysis
    The major tech companies support federal, GDPR-style privacy legislation. But there is little chance it will be passed in the near future, despite bi-partisan belief in such a measure. As Axios reports, the Senate Commerce Committee has passed its self-imposed deadline of Memorial Day for creating a proposal, and House Democrats have not yet moved forward with a bill.  
  • Eight Tools To Help Build Email Marketing ROI
    Email marketing campaigns cannot be run manually. Here are eight tools that can help brands achieve high ROI with their email, ranging from Hunter, which helps firms find the email ID of people working within companies, to Mailchimp, the automated email campaign service.
  • Seven Steps To CAN-SPAM Compliance
    The CAN-Spam Act is the most relevant law for email marketers in the U.S. Here are seven steps that can help brands achieve full compliance. 
  • The Role Of Email In A Multi-Channel Strategy
    Brands now have to offer seamless transitions between devices while engaging customers only when it makes sense. Here’s how Dell, SiriusXM and other brands use email as part of a holistic multichannel strategy.
  • Gmail's Confidential Mode Will Extended By Default For G Suite Users
    Gmail’s confidential mode, the feature that allows users to set expiration dates on messages and prevent them from being forwarded, will be rolled out to G Suite users by default starting on June 25. Google introduced the tool last year.
  • Other Regulatory Threats Will Follow GDPR
    GDPR is now a year old, yet there have been few large fines and third-party data continues to be used. But email marketers should not be overconfident — they will still have to cope with the e-Privacy and the California Consumer Privacy Act. Here is an analysis by Jack Carvel, general counsel at Qubit. 
  • Using Email To Build Gradual Growth
    Email marketing is a proven tool for growing businesses. Startups can use it to build long-term growth, add value to their brand name and increase revenue by engaging with the target market. Here is a primer on the use of email to build a company. 
  • The Case For Using Background Images In Email Newsletters
    There are many reasons to avoid placing background images in email newsletters. One reason is that it can still be tricky to make the images work. But email newsletters are more interesting with them. Here is a guide to using background images in email templates. 
  • Salesforce Crash Shows Pitfalls Of Cloud Software: Opinion
    Last week’s Salesforce outage illustrates the dangers of operating major business functions on cloud software. Here are the lessons to be learned from the disruption.  
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