• Ireland's Data Commission Sees Uptick In Data Breach Reports
    Ireland’s Data Protection Commission has received 1,184 reports of data breaches since GDPR took effect in May, compared with 230 per month in 2017. The increase seems tied to the more stringent reporting requirements of GDPR. 
  • Email Tips For Real Estate Agents
    Email is a powerful tool for real estate investors and agents. Here are seven tips that can help brokers achieve conversions and sales. 
  • Ten Spam Trigger Words To Ignore
    From  “increase sales” to “while you sleep,” some words cause email to resemble spam. Here are the top spam trigger lines to avoid. 
  • Warner Asks For GDPR-Style Law In U.S.
    Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) is proposing that the U.S. adopt GDPR-type legislation that includes such measures as the right to be forgotten, 24-hour breach notification and first party consent. The idea is contained in a 23-page document obtained by Axios. 
  • Emarsys And Return Path Form Partnership; Win Radley As Joint Client
    Emarsys and Return Path have formed a global partnership to help email marketers increase inbox placement. They have also announced a joint client win: Radley, a luxury handbag manufacturer. 
  • The 80/20 Rule In Email Marketing
    The 80/20 rule states that 80% of your opens, clicks and will come from 20% of your emails. When seeking new subscribers, you need to know which ones will fall into the 20%. 
  • Ofo Retracts 'We're Leaving Your Town' Emails
    Ofo, the dockless bike company, mistakenly sent an email blast to markets across the U.S. on Friday saying that, “with great sadness,” it is leaving those areas. The China-based company, which had left the Chicago area earlier, tweeted later that it was staying in the markets. 
  • Gmail Set To Add Email Scheduling
    The Gmail team is working on an email scheduling feature in its app. The evidence: A label titled "Schedule send" in the overflow menu of the Compose screen. 
  • Texas Voters Inundated With Political Spam
    With the mid-term elections a few months away, some Texas voters say they’re being deluged by political emails. But this so-called political spam is protected by the First Amendment. Asking to be dropped from lists usually works, though. 
  • How Email Can Improve The Retail Experience
    Retail marketers can improve the customer experience by tweaking their email marketing. Will Devlin, senior director of marketing for MessageGears, explains how. 
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