• Generative AI Tips From Vendors
    Many misconceptions exist about what generative AI tools can and can’t do. Here are generative AI tips and warnings from leaders at ServiceNow, Unisys, Insight Enterprises, Coveo and Unit4.
  • How To Comply With Email Marketing Regulations
    Email marketing is an effective business tool. But users must comply with laws such as the EU’s GDPR. Here is an overview on the rules. 
  • Email Marketing Mistakes To Be Avoided
    Opens, clicks and conversions are affected by email errors and mishaps. Here are 19 email marketing mistakes to be avoided.   
  • Virgin Media Customers Say They Lost 'Historic' Emails
    Virgin Media customers responded in force to a Guardian article stating that users were left without access to vital historic emails. Virgin Media said it had finished its work to restore historic emails, but consumers complained that they had lost those emails, some going back years. 
  • Adobe Co-Founder John Warnock Dies At 82
    John Warnock, co-founder of Adobe Systems and inventor of the PDF, has died at 82. “John’s brilliance and innovations left an indelible mark on Adobe, the technology industry and the world,” Adobe said.
  • Email, CMS Jumped In First Half Of 2023
    The first half of 2023 saw 32.8 percent more scheduled emails, 99.2 percent more automated emails, and 47.9 percent more SMS messages year-over-year (YoY). Here is an update on the Omnisend research. 
  • Experts Weigh In On How To Use Generative AI In Marketing
    Marketers are scrambling to figure out how to use generative AI. Here is a roundup of expert opinion on the new tools, along with six critical factors for competitive advantage.  
  • B2B Brands Need To Improve The Customer Experience
    B2B customers are expecting and demanding more service. Here is the case for why B2B brands need to improve the customer experience with their marketing platforms. 
  • OpenAI Says GPT Can Be Used For Content Moderation
    OpenAI has developed a way of using GPT-4 for content moderation, it says. This would lessen the burden on human teams, the company adds in a post on its blog. 
  • Firm Uses AI To Write Fundraising Emails
    Quiller, a firm that supports Democratic campaigns, is using AI to create fundraising emails. AI produces copy that is “70 percent of the way done.” 
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