• Marketing Needs To Improve Its Privacy Practices: Analysis
    Companies are failing to protect data privacy. The problems include obfuscation of cookie policies and marketing emails run amok. Smart brands need to change their approach. 
  • MailerLite Acquired By Vercom
    Cloud communication platform Vercom has acquired Lithuania-based marketing automation startup MailerLite for $90 million. MailerLite was built with private, non-institutional funding.  
  • Gmail Back Up After Wednesday Outage
    Gmail service was restored after an hour-long outage affecting the U.S. pacific area Wednesday evening. The issue led to delays and undelivered email. 
  • B2B Marketing Fuels Growth For UK Businesses: Study
    B2B marketing is an important new business driver for 34% of UK brands. In addition,  27% exoect to increase spending by up to £10,000, Appetite Creative Solutions reports.   
  • Common Email Marketing Mistakes
    Email marketers sometimes forget the basics. Here are some common mistakes they make, including failing to update and check their lists and sending generic content.  
  • How AI Is Reshaping Email Marketing
    Artificial intelligence is no longer an alien concept. Here’s a report on how it is reshaping email marketing, with tips for using it.  
  • U.S. Ranks Behind Europe In Providing Online Protections
    The United States, for all its technological prowess, is far behind European nations in creating regulations that provide online protections for its citizens. Congress has not passed a single piece of comprehensive legislation to protect consumers and rein in the tech giants. 
  • How To Decide On A Free Versus Paid Email Marketing Service
    There are many email marketing services available. But users have to ascertain whether they need an email service provider or a specialist marketing service, while exploring the route of free vs. paid. 
  • Michigan State Senator Reacts To 'Grooming' Fundraising Email
    Michigan state Senator Mallory McMorrow, a democratic, has lashed out against Republican Senator Lana Theis for allegedly accusing her of grooming and sexualizing children in a fundraising email. McMorrow called it “an attempt to marginalize me for standing up against her marginalizing the LGBTQ community.”
  • Consumers Less Worried About Ad Tracking Than Identity Theft: Study
    Consumers are more afraid their data will be stolen for identity theft than of any misuse by advertisers, according to a report by Tinuiti. And few are worried about websites they’ve visited being tracked. 
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