• The Email Strategy Behind The Boyfriend Dungeon Game
    Boyfriend Dungeon is a new indie game developed by Kitfox Games. Here is how it is being promoted via email marketing. 
  • Verizon Hit With Service Outages In Parts Of The U.S.
    Verizon customers in the Midwest and East Coast were hit with service outages on Tuesday, preventing internet access, according to downdetector. Users were unable to check email or conduct business.  
  • How To Boost ROI With Black Friday Emails
    Black Friday will soon be here. Here are five email marketing tactics that can increase ROI, based on data from an analysis of 128,000 campaigns. 
  • Email Marketing Tips For Doctors
    Email marketing may not be the first thing on a doctor’s agenda, but it pays to know how to get emails opened. Here are 12 tips for successful email marketing by physicians.  
  • Data Breach Fines Double In the UK
    The average fine for data breaches doubled in a year in the UK. And tougher penalties are coming under GDPR. 
  • Four Questions To Ask About Charity Emails
    Charities may wonder if their emails are performing well. Here are five questions to ask about creating — and tracking — email campaigns.     
  • A Guide To Email Address Lookup Services
    Email lookup services are the fastest way to find the right addresses for reaching out to the target audience. Here is a guide to several services, along with tips on what to do next. 
  • Girl Scout Email Addresses And Other Data Hacked
    Thousands of Girl Scouts have been notified that their email addresses and other personal information were exposed in a data breach. An unauthorized third party accessed a Girl Scouts Orange County Travel email account, and apparently used it to send phishing emails. 
  • Equifax Reports It May Face U.S. Fines Over Breach
    Equifax says in a regulatory filing that it may face fines from U.S. agencies over its 2017 data breach. The agencies include the New York Department of Financial Services, the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Protection Bureau. 
  • Good Email Open Rates And How To Get Them
    The average email open rate runs between 15% and 20%. This is determined by dividing the number of unique opens by the number of bounces minus those bounces. Here are tips on how to achieve a good open rate. 
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