• Common B2B Email Marketing Mistakes
    Poor personalization can lead to rapid disengagement from B2B emails. Jahia’s Justin Sharaf describes some of the mistakes B2B brands make in email campaigns. 
  • D2C Email Conversions Grew In January And February
    D2C email conversions leaped by 26% in the first two months of 2021, according to LiveIntent data. Weekends have 12% higher CTRs and emails targeting women are 15% higher than those aimed at men. 
  • Slack Fumbles Direct Message Feature Rollout: Report
    Slack purportedly took another step toward its goal of replacing email when it rolled out a SlackConnect platform update last week. The company quickly backed off when users complained that it might enable workplace harassment. But does the cure really work? 
  • 'Financial Times' Columnist Tim Harford Weighs In On What's Wrong With Email
    “Emails are problematic not when they use the wrong sign-off but when they waste time and attention.” So writes Financial Times columnist Tim Harford on why email causes angst among recipients. 
  • A Guide To Email Marketing For Ecommerce Brands
    Email is one of the most valuable assets ecommerce brands have for staying in touch with customers. But many could still use some advice on how to use it. Here is a guide to deploying email marketing in the ecommerce process. 
  • Microsoft Is Adding Suggested Replies Feature To Outlook For Windows
    Microsoft is adding its Suggested Replies feature to Outlook for Windows. The tool displays three short messages that can help users respond quickly to an email. It was initially launched on Outlook Web in 2018.     
  • Taylor Swift Email Blast Seems To Advise On How To Create A Newsletter
    A weekend email from the Taylor Swift store has some observers puzzled. The email seems to advise readers on how to publish a newsletter by following a basic template.
  • Virginia's New Privacy Law Could Cause Headaches For Security Staffers
    Virginia’s new privacy law, the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act, may cause complications for CSOs and CISOs. With GDPR and CPRA now law, they will have to comply with “differing privacy standards at granular levels.”  
  • Google Says Gmail-Android Crash Issue Has Been Resolved
    Google claims it has solved a problem that caused Gmail and other Android apps to crash. Users should go to Google Play to update Android System WebView and Google Chrome. 
  • Email And Its Uses: A Historical Perspective
    Email is roughly 50 years old. But the technology and its uses are steadily evolving. Here is a look at the global phenomenon and its history. 
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