• The Indian Government is Drafting an Email Policy for Government Officials in Light of NSA Spying
    The Department of Electronics and Information Technology in India is working on an email policy that will require all government employees to only use official email while communicating online which are hosted on the state-owned National Informatics Centre (NIC) servers. The move comes after revelations that U.S. government reads emails sent from abroad using Gmail and Yahoo. The Indian policy will contain a list of what to do and what not to do with email.
  • The National Archives' Capstone Program is a New Way For Government Employees to Archive Emails
    The National Archives and Records Administration wants to make it easier for government agencies to archive the billions of emails they generate each year. To do so, the organization has proposed a new initiative called Capstone, which aims to manage both permanent and temporary email records in an accessible electronic format by 2016. The approach aims to optimize saved emails, cutting down print outs and avoid unauthorized destruction of email records. The platform will automate this process and make the process less manual.
  • Microsoft is GIving Office 365 Email Users More Storage Space
    Microsoft is doubling the site of email storage for Office 365 mailboxes from 25GB to 50GB at no extra cost to users. The company announced the enhancement on its blog yesterday. It follows the launch of Office 365 iPhone an Android apps which came out earlier this year.
  • Happy Birthday Email
    On August 30, 1982, VA Shiva Ayyadurai was awarded the first U.S. Copyright for "email", "computer program for electronic mail system." Ayyadurai came up with the idea while working for Dr. Leslie P. Michelson, who asked him to come up with an electronic version of the interoffice paper mail system they used in their office. Happy birthday email!
  • Former Skype Execs Launch Collaboration Tool That is Part Email, Part Chat
    A new business collaboration tool has entered the market, and it's called Fleep. The platform allows employees to communicate in a Skype chat-meets-email kind of way. The mobile-friendly tool was founded by a group of Skype graduates. Like email, the tool has no presence indicator and it facilitates long form messages. In addition, it allows users to bring other people into the discussion via email. The chat will appear as an email thread to the recipient.
  • Mailbox App Update Brings Cloud Searching
    The popular Gmail email iPhone app Mailbox has released a new update that allows users to search for mailbox messages in the cloud. This means that users can search through emails that aren't even downloaded onto their device, directly from the cloud.. The new feature is part of the app's Version 1.5 which also includes the ability to set a unique signature for each email account in the app.
  • Silverpop's New Smart Content Tool Works For B-to-B Marketers Too
    Digital marketing services provider Silverpop has introduced a new platform that can help b-to-b marketers send more personally targeted content to leads. The platform is called Smart Content. It allows marketers to deliver real-time, personalized content to website visitors based on their email profile data. B-to-b marketers can integrate their content management systems with the tool to track who is visiting the site. Smart Content is also compatible with responsive and mobile sites.
  • Tor Network Usage Up as Encrypted Email Services Shut Down
    Tor anonymity network has doubled its traffic ever since two privacy-focused email providers quit the business, a sign that people may be turning to the piracy network in order to communicate privately online. Lavabit and Silent Circle, both encrypted email providers, shut down after getting pressured by the U.S. government. Tor allows users to get around government firewalls and access banned parts of the Web, as well as keep their browsing private, through software or a web browser.
  • Campaigner Enhances Email Marketing Toolset
    Email marketing services company Campaigner has updated its email marketing toolset expanding its segmentation capabilities and its workflow functionality. The update brings marketers more targeting capabilities and more automation when dealing with big data. New tools include more customization tools, advanced segmentation options, the ability to drill down by location, age, and purchase history, as well as a responsive design mobile template.
  • Silverpop Releases Tool For Web Targeting Based on Email Data
    Email marketing services provider Silverpop has released a new tool that helps marketers create personalized email campaigns. It's called Smart Content and it allows marketers to use email profile data to create a more personalized experience when a customer visits a company's site. When a customer visits the site, the website identifies who they are and uses this data to populate the page.
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