• Notion Trains Amazon Echo to Read Emails Aloud
    Notion is designed to teach an Amazon Echo to read emails aloud.
  • Working Americans Send 212 Billion Emails a Year
    Business people in the United States send an average of 212 billion emails every day, according to a recent survey from ReachMail.
  • Minnesota Local Governments Criticized for Email Deletion Policy
    Local governments in Minnesota have adopted a new policy to automatically delete emails after 30 days.
  • Email Marketers Focus on Awareness & Engagement in 2017
    The top email marketing challenge in 2016 was increasing open rates, according to a new survey from Campaigner.
  • ActiveInbox Helps Gmail Users Manage Their Inboxes
    ActiveInbox is designed to help Gmail users manage the stress of their overwhelming inboxes.
  • Retailers Expected to Have Increased Digital Ad Spend 22.5% in 2016
    Retailers digital ad spending will likely increase 22.5 percent this year to $15.81 billion from $12.91 billion last year, according to a new report from eMarketer.
  • UK Considers Ability to Plead Guilty to Speeding Ticket Via Email
    The UK government is considering allowing people that have committed minor offenses such as, speeding tickets or not paying for the Tube, to plead guilty via email.
  • 2016: A Year in Data Breaches
    This year was perhaps one of the most significant when it comes to data breaches.
  • Hillary Clinton Thanks Supporters in Holiday Email
    Hillary Clinton sent out an email to supporters to wish them a happy holiday.
  • Collaboration Tools Not Likely to Kill Email
    Despite the growth of workplace collaboration tools such as Slack and Facebook Workplace, these tools are not likely to kill of email.
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