• How To Write Good Email Marketing Copy
    Email is an effective medium, but do you know how to write email copy that will engage and convert recipients? Here is a guide to writing an effective email marketing campaign.
  • Canadian Fitness Firm Defends Email Demanding That Gyms Be Allowed To Re-Open
    Good Life Fitness is under fire for an email blast to members asking them to “stand up for fitness” by demanding that they be allowed to re-open gyms. The email went to 200,000 employees and members in Ontario. The company is defending the blast. 
  • Fulfilling Data Access Requests Under GDPR And CCPA
    You may have heard snippets about the data access requirements in the GDPR and CCPA. Here’s a guide to what the laws actually demand and how to comply. 
  • Email And Digital Deserve Your Vote
    Email marketing and digital are helping brands reach the right buyers during the crisis. Here are five reasons they deserve your vote, along with tips on how to use them.
  • A Guide To Triggered Email Campaigns
    Triggered emails drive engagement and revenue. Here is a primer on how to create a triggered email campaign.
  • Most B2B Brands Gate Content To Capture Contact Details: Study
    Almost two-thirds of B2B marketers gate content to capture contact details. And a third sometimes do so, according to a study by Finite.
  • Mailmen Is The Latest Tool To Try To Control The Gmail Inbox
    Mailmen, a new startup, is offering an email assistant that helps Gmail users block batch emails. The product is one of several that have hit the market, promising an upgraded email experience. 
  • CEO Hit For Sending Pro-Biden Emails To Customers
    Expensify CEO David Barrett sent an Oct. 22 email to up to 10 million customers, urging them to vote for Joe Biden. But critics are calling out Barrett for alleged misuse of customer data, and for sending political emails to employees at other firms. 
  • SIS Group Choose IceWarp For Email Collaboration
    Security services company SIS Group has chosen IceWarp as its email collaboration solution. IceWarp offers a business email server and collaboration hub.
  • Microsoft Angered By Its Own Privacy Research: Opinion
    Research conducted for Microsoft found that 90% of consumers worry about the data security, and that 70% say the federal government isn’t doing enough to protect them. A seething blog post by Julie Brill, Microsoft’s chief privacy officer, shows the company is unhappy.  
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