• NY Attorney General Settles Acer Data Breach Suit
    New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman has settled a data breach case for Acer Service Corporation.
  • 50% of Companies Faced Scrutiny After Data Breach in 2016: Cisco
    More than one-third of businesses experienced a 20 percent loss in revenue after experiencing a data breach last year, according to Cisco's 10th annual cybersecurity report.
  • Czech Foreign Ministry Email System Hacked
    Hackers have broken into a number of email accounts at the Czech Foreign Ministry.
  • Facebook Ups Security to Prevent Email Hackers From Stealing Login Details
    Facebook has introduced a new security tool with the hopes of preventing account fraud.
  • CT Warns Companies About CEO Spam in Circulation
    Connecticut's department of Revenue Services is warning human resource and payroll departments around the state to beware a CEO spam email in circulation.
  • 64% of Americans Have Been Victims in Data Breach
    The majority of Americans have been victims of a data breach, according to Pew Research Center.
  • Qantas Warns Customers of Email Scam
    Australian airline Qantas has been spoofed in a new email scam that is in circulation.
  • MailChimp Adds Facebook Ads to Its Email Marketing Platform
    MailChimp is expanding its service offering beyond email marketing with a new tool that helps companies create Facebook ad campaigns from their existing MailChimp dashboard.
  • Email Reveals 76 Microsoft Employees Affected by Trump's Travel Ban
    According to an email sent to employees by Microsoft President Brad Smith over the weekend, 76 employees were affected by Donald Trump's travel ban.
  • Apple CEO's Email Reveals Support for Immigration
    Apple CEO Time Cook sent out an email to employees over the weekend in response to president Donald Trump's ban on immigrants coming from a designated list of Muslim countries.
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