• Google Corrects Gmail Security Bug
    Google has corrected a security bug that would have allowed attackers to send spoof emails using Google’s back-end servers.  It took the company 137 days to fix the bug identified in April by security researcher Allison Husain.  
  • Email Marketing Strategies For The Pandemic
    Email marketers face serious challenges during the pandemic. But they can sometimes achieve higher open rates by sending government-centric information and explaining how they are handling the crisis. 
  • The Benefits Of Email Marketing Software
    Email delivers $38 for every $1 spent on it. And that’s only one of its many benefits. Here is an analysis of how email marketing works. 
  • Should You Build Or Buy Your Email List?
    It’s dicey using email for new customer acquisition. Here are the pros and cons of buying an email list, and advice on how to build your email audience in general.  
  • Salesforce To Cut 1,000 Jobs As Sales and Stock Surge: Report
    Salesforce is cutting 1,000 jobs, amounting to less than 2% of its workforce, as it has achieved a record $5 billion in sales. And the tech giant’s stock has reached an all-time high. 
  • Email Hacks That Drive Better Results
    Email marketers use a number of hacks to drive results. Here are five that will help you meet your customer’s needs.
  • The Flaws In The Walmart-Yahoo Mail Arrangement: Analysis
    Walmart is partnering with Verizon Media to launch an online grocery service in Yahoo Mail. But several items are missing from the service, including health and beauty aids and pet foods. Another potential issue is that Walmart loses control of the customer experience. 
  • A Beginner's Guide To Email Marketing
    Thinking of starting an email marketing program? Here’s a primer on what email can do for you and how to use it.   
  • Making The Case For The Follow-Up Email
    Follow-up emails are a powerful B2B sales tool. But too few companies send them, although they have the automation to do so. Here’s how follow-up emails can help.  
  • Will The Email Address Replace The Cookie As An Identifier? Experts Weigh In
    Email is being hailed as the net big online identifier in a cookie-less world. But there are questions about privacy and scale. Here is input from several experts on the prospects for using the email address to maintain identity. 
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