• Study: Facebook Could Have 4.9 Billion Dead Users By 2100
    A study by Oxford Research projects that Facebook could have 4.9 billion deceased users by 2100. The trouble is that their data lives on even if they don’t, and this raises questions about management of the information. 
  • Email Suggestions For Furniture Marketers
    Furniture brands should support their websites with emails. Here are three must-send emails that can increase engagement and order frequency among wholesalers and consumers.
  • What Banks Are Doing Right In Email Marketing
    Banks are learning that unopened marketing emails might as well have never been sent at all. Anjali Ambani, senior research analyst at Mintel Group, cites effective subject lines and other email creative from JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Capital One.
  • Study Your Competitors To Improve Your Email Marketing
    Ecommerce brands should watch what their competitors are doing in email marketing. Here are examples of Ten Thousand’s promotional and welcome emails. 
  • Accolade Wines Shakes Up Its Email, Now Sends Dynamic Content
    Global wine brand Accolade Wines was burdened with a manual email processes that made personalization prohibitively time-consuming. But the brand overcame that problem with the help of dotdigital.
  • How To Design Mobile-First Emails
    With 56% of all emails being opened on mobile devices, brands have to make sure their email design is mobile-first. SendGrid’s Len Shneyder offers tips on how to create a uniform brand experience across platforms and devices.
  • IAB Europe Unveils New GDPR Consent Framework For Vendors
    IAB Europe and IAB Tech Labs have created a new scheme or consent under GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive. The Transparency & Consent Framework is designed to help ad tech vendors comply.
  • What's Working In Email And All Forms Of Marketing
    Ever wonder what’s working in marketing? Here’s a list of more than 100 stats that answer that question. Among them is a section on email marketing, including email usage, open rates for cold email and mobile email practices. 
  • Hacking Group Targets Retailers Worldwide
    A group of hackers is using legitimate remote-access software and spear-phishing techniques to victimize retailers and financial institutions around the world. The group, called TA505, has hacked a large department chain in the U.S., according to Cyberint Technologies Ltd.
  • New York AG Plans Probe Of Facebook 'Harvesting'
    The New York State Attorney General’s Office is planning a probe into Facebook’s harvesting of 1.5 million of its users’ email addresses. The AG’s office hopes to determine how the episode happened and whether it affected additional users.
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